attractions & distractions makeover.

I’m happy to share that the Attractions & Distractions covers got a much-needed makeover!

And to celebrate that makeover, the series will be on sale through the weekend.

So if you haven’t taken the college ride with Alexis and Jaden, here’s your chance.

Don’t let the young love fool you. 😉




song of the week. 6/19.


Happy Monday!

I’m finally getting deep enough into my current project that I know a little more about the characters which means I can share a little bit of them with you… through song.

And I really don’t think there’s a song to describe the hero’s #mood better than this one. lol

So enjoy the song!

But most importantly, enjoy the week! 🙂


take notes. a short.

Take Notes

Guess who’s back with another “interesting” tale?

Our dear friend Amelia has found herself in yet another sticky situation, this time regarding one of her beloved employees.

You can read the short below or you can download Take Notes HERE!

And if you missed the first short, Take Flight, I’d advise you to check that out first!

(Note: This short is copyrighted with light edits.)


“So you just out here lip-locking with random niggas on planes now, Amelia Bedelia?”

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release day. heated harmonies.

18339250_10100645537401202_1294145713_o copy



So I have to tell y’all… Zalayah has been riding with me since Book 3, which is absolutely crazy to me. She’s obviously aged QUITE a bit since her first mention in Getting the Edge as the teenaged diva, but to have a character who’s been in my head since what was basically the beginning of my writing career finally get a book of her own is kind of giving me feels.


This one is special.

I hope you all enjoy. ❤


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