sample sunday. heated harmonies.


girls' weekend-2I’m SO excited to finally be able to share a little snippet from my next release, Heated Harmonies, with you all!

Zalayah is a character who has lurked through many of my novels from the beginning. So for her to have not only grown up through my work, but also now have a story of her own is… everything.

So without further ado, let’s get to know her a little bit!

(Note: Sample is copyrighted, unedited, and subject to change.)


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song of the week. 4/17.


Happy Monday!!

I feel like there hasn’t been a #SOTW in FOREVER, but I’m happy to be back with another one that’s been on repeat and may (or may not ;)) have nothing to do with the project I’m working on. But it’s definitely a JAM I think everyone needs to check out.

So enjoy the music!

But most importantly, enjoy the week! 🙂





I finally have a few of my titles available for purchase in paperback!

If you’re someone who is interested in growing your book collection, or if you know someone who is still anti-eBook, click the pictures to purchase a copy!

You can also purchase signed copies at all of the events I’ll be attending this year, which you can learn more about here.

release day. an encore for love.


An Encore for Love is finally here!

This book – these characters – have been in my head for almost a year now! And I’m so, so happy to finally evict them lol.

But I hope you all enjoy Knox and Amerie’s story.

And if you feel inclined, please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. ❤

Knox Riley is at the top of his game when it comes to the world of professional choreography. In fact, there’s only one other person in the field who even comes close to matching his stature.

Amerie Lambert.

Knox’s eye has been on Amerie since the day she first auditioned for one of his tours. And while the arrangement that developed between them soon after might’ve ended in disaster, Knox feels he’s being given a chance to redeem himself – and his personal life, in general – when he and Amerie are casted for the reality show, Choreographer Lane.

Too bad Amerie doesn’t see it the same way.

After avoiding Knox Riley for years, she’s completely apprehensive to anything that involves even being in the same room as him. But when he shows up to her office with an offer she can’t refuse, she quickly finds herself in a predicament that involves old desires being exposed, unresolved feelings resurfacing, and new boundaries being tested.

Once the line is crossed, there’s no turning back. But just because an encore is called for doesn’t guarantee it will be pretty…

(Note: This book is a spinoff of, A Rehearsal for Love. While it can be read as a standalone, it does contain major spoilers for that title.)

song of the week. 2/27.


Is it just me or did February zoom past?

I suppose it is a few days shorter than the others, but anyway…. lol

This week’s #SOTW is one that I feel captures Knox’s personality to a tee leading up to where we see him in An Encore for Love.

If you missed the most recent sample sunday, here’s the link.

And if you read it, then I think this song will make a little more sense. 🙂