sample sunday. the real deal.


The Real Deal is on its way!

As long as the editing Gods and Amazon Gods are on my side, The Real Deal will be available on February 20th. 🙂

But… until then, here’s a sample.

(note: sample unedited and subject to change)


I couldn’t sleep.

It was Sunday night and I knew my ass had to be up in a few hours for work, but my mind was racing with a bunch of irrelevant shit; starting with G. Griffey.

After the show, I had went home and for lack of better terms, social-media stalked him. I found his Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Personal Page, and most importantly, links to his music. I even went as far as downloading one of his mixtapes to my phone and had listened to it during my Sunday morning jog, then a second time while I was cleaning my apartment.

I really shouldn’t have been surprised when his voice played over and over in my head; random punchline after random punchline that gave me chills as I processed its rawness. But then I’d think about him performing with the singer girl, and get a little attitude.

I didn’t even like rappers; had practically dated everything but one on purpose. So I wasn’t sure what it was about this particular one that made him keep coming to mind.

But he did.

And now here I was, 66 weeks into his Instagram feed at two in the morning.

How pathetic.

I flashed back to my own Instagram profile, admiring the picture of Leilani and I from the night of the show. I had a bunch of followers, mostly sorors from around the country and associates from college, so I wasn’t surprised that the picture had amassed 236 likes. What I was surprised by though was as I scrolled through, I saw a new “like” from the username I had been staring at for the last fifteen minutes.


I panicked.

My first thought was that I had “liked” a picture from fuckin’ 50 weeks ago on accident like a creeper, so that’s how he found me. My second thought was, “Oh shit! He liked my picture, so now we go together.”

The top of my screen flashed with another notification.

Lookin’ good, ladies. Thanks for your support at The Black Market. -G. Griffey.

My quick high was blown.

He didn’t even know which one I was and had left a generic ass comment all because I had hashtagged #TheBlackMarket.

That was enough for me to calm down and take my ass to sleep.

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