sample sunday. an encore for love.


So… leave it to me to share the An Encore for Love sample sundays backwards lol.

I hope to have an official release date for you some time this week! But for now, here’s another sample of what’s to come soon. 🙂

And if you missed the first one, here’s the link!

(Note: Sample copyrighted, unedited, and subject to change.)

“Knox, I swear to God if you fuck this up, I’m kicking your ass.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at my brother from another mother, Blaise, as he uncovered his daughter’s ears once he finished his threat. Blaise and I had been homies for years, growing up together through the dance industry and staying close ever since. But while I was still busy touring the country, teaching choreography and dance classes, Blaise had settled down for good, running his own dance studio with his fiance Malia who was also a professional dancer.

I would be lying if I didn’t say their love inspired me, especially whenever I got to see them dance together. But I knew it was a longshot for me to be able to find anything remotely similar.


“Bruh, I’m not gonna mess anything up. You know Amerie loves me,” I said as I reached to pinch baby girl’s nose, causing her to giggle.

And Blaise smiled as well, continuing to bounce his daughter on his knee as he replied, “Amerie despises you, Knox. And for good reason.”

“That’s an exaggeration. I mean, it’s not like we were official or anything when it all happened,” I defended, as if I hadn’t already acknowledged I was wrong as hell to myself. But I suppose since it was a personal confession, that didn’t necessarily mean I had to share it with the masses.

Still, Blaise already knew the truth when he replied, “And you know good and well that doesn’t mean shit. You fuc… messed her over. And to be honest, I don’t know if she’s really recovered since.”

Now that I could brush off of my shoulder with a clear conscience because…, “Yeah right. I know her ass has been gettin’ piped down on the regular. She’s way too fine not to be.”

Blaise’s hands flew to cover his daughter’s ears once again as he whispered, “Knox… baby girl… right here…”

What? I could be talking about her plumbing.”

Blaise shook his head with a laugh, setting baby girl on the ground to play with her toys.

“Anyway, man. I had to do a lot to convince her to take this meeting with you, so if you mess it up… that’s something you’re gonna have to deal with on your own.”

“Bruh, have some confidence in me. Have I ever missed a step during a performance? No. Have I ever been late to a show? No. Have I ever done something bad for business? No.”  

He jumped in on my resume to add, “Have you ever toyed with Amerie’s heart? Yes.”

“How come none of ya’ll ever wanna talk about my feelings, huh? That shit messed me up too,” I admitted, hoping to gain a few sympathy points.  

But Blaise immediately called my bluff when he replied, “Come on now, Knox. You’ve been blowin’ through chicks ever since. Your feelings couldn’t have possibly been that hurt. And besides, it was you who refused to acknowledge your feelings for her. That’s what caused all of this mess in the first place.”

I waved him off, returning my attention to baby girl’s cheeks for a pinch as I told him, “Man, whatever. All I know is, I’m going to see Amerie so we can seal this deal and get this money. If anything extra comes from it… well… that’s yet to be determined.”

Blaise’s tone was stern as he said, “Knox, I’m serious. I love you like a brother, but I love Amerie like a sister. And I’ve already taken your side once, so she gets the next turn automatically.”

I shook my head, extending my hands to baby girl and appreciating the fact that she crawled right into them. If no one else, at least she trusted me.

“Well I hope you had this same talk with her cause she’s perfectly capable of breakin’ my heart the same way I supposedly did to her,” I told him as I gave baby girl a tickle that put her newly acquired teeth on full display.

Still, that wasn’t enough to stop Blaise from scolding, “Knox…”

What? Don’t let that pretty face fool you, B. Amerie is a force to be reckoned with.” And if anyone knew that, it was his fiance who had already toured with her a few times and shed plenty of tears in the process. Sure they might’ve been friends now. But when it came to dance business, friendships were an afterthought.  

“I know exactly who she is, and I know exactly who you are. So when I tell you I’m nervous as hell for this meeting, I mean it,” Blaise admitted with a concerned expression.

And since he seemed legitimately worried, I suggested, “You might as well just come with me. Play mediator or somethin’.”

But he quickly fired back, “Hell no. I’m staying as far away from ya’ll issues as possible. And if ya’ll really want to do this show, ya’ll will make it work.”

“Well hopefully my boo feels the same way,” I teased as I gave baby girl another tickle, her giggle warming my heart.

And while she enjoyed my presence, Blaise felt the complete opposite about my words when he said, “Knox… stop. You know Amerie won’t take kindly to that charmer stuff you always try to pull.”

“That’s how I got her in the first place, Blaise. She can’t deny me,” I told him confidently, though I knew the situation really had closer to a 50/50 chance of being successful.

And it was clear Blaise felt the same as he said, “Yeah, whatever you say, bro. Just make sure we don’t miss out on this money because of your ego.”  

I’d be a fool to not take his words seriously. I mean, he was right. My ego had certainly gotten in the way of our dealings in the past. But I was ready to prove myself, ready to capitalize on the opportunity in more way than one.

So I gave him a pat on the shoulder while also giving him my word. “My ego is the last thing you need to be concerned with. Just let Amerie know I’m coming in peace and we’ll have nothing to worry about.”

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