teaser tuesday. heated harmonies.

18339250_10100645537401202_1294145713_o copy

Have you read Heated Harmonies?!

If not, here’s the link to purchase!

But in honor of Janet Jackson’s (aka Zalayah’s fave) birthday today, I thought I’d share a little teaser of Zalayah honoring her shero. 🙂

“Wanna hold my boobs?”

“All day, every day,” I answered teasingly before taking an appreciative peek.

But she brought my eyes back to her face when she said, “No, silly. For the shoot. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, I understand. But I really, really want you to. You know, to give it the full Janet effect.”

My lips twisted as I lifted my hands, examining them in a way I had never cared to do before. “I mean, my knuckles are kinda ashy, but…”

Her laugh cut me off. “They have plenty of lotion, fool. Matter of fact…” she trailed, waving a hand to get the attention of her makeup artist so that she could bring me a bottle. And instead of letting me apply it on my own, Zalayah rubbed it in herself, taking time to give my hands a mini-massage as if she didn’t have a hoard of people waiting to resume the photoshoot. But in that moment, they didn’t seem to matter. She was completely focused on me, completely focused on making sure I was comfortable when she asked, “You’re sure you wanna do it, right? No pressure, babe.”

My eyebrow piqued when I repeated, “Babe?”

“Gabe. I said Gabe,” she corrected with a grin before instructing me to sit behind where she was standing. Then she grabbed my hands and placed them exactly where she wanted them, giving me two perfect handfuls of her breasts before telling the photographer, “We’re ready now.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 12.57.37 PM

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