sample sunday. the games we play.

sample sunday

The last Sample Sunday before The Games We Play comes out on January 20th!

Londyn and Chance have taking me on QUITE the journey, and I can’t wait for you all to check it out!

But for now, here’s a little sample of what’s to come 🙂

ALSO, if you missed the first Sample Sunday, you can check it out here!

(Note: Sample is Copyrighted, unedited, and STILL subject to change even though it’s coming soon lol)


This was a bad idea.

I knew it. She probably knew it too. Yet here I was, giving Londyn a ride home when we both knew the drive to her place was really just a small step on the ladder of things I wanted to do to her. At least, I assumed she knew. She seemed to be well aware of the fact that I was wildly attracted to the woman she had become, a feeling that surprised the hell out of me since I hadn’t seen much of her over the years outside of the social media updates from Eric that told me she was living and living well.

But I ain’t know baby girl was living this well.

Truth be told, I always thought she was attractive. Glowing butterscotch skin, perfectly pointy nose, petite little cheerleader frame that she filled out over the years, and those damn hazel brown eyes. But it was always, “Eric’s cute little sister” meaning she was off-limits; at least to me.

Of course some of our other homies didn’t respect code, trying their hand at her only to come to blows with Eric since he wasn’t having that shit. And while they might’ve thought he was cockblocking, I always figured he was just being understandably overprotective, something I respected enough to keep my distance since I wasn’t about to ruin a friendship over a pretty face.

Tonight though, she was more than just a pretty face. Little cutie Londyn had transformed into “sexy ass, grown ass Londyn”, not giving me much of a choice of whether or not I wanted to fuck with her; her brother be damned.

As if she could read my mind, she broke the silence of the drive to say, “You know, of all of Eric’s friends, you’re the only one who’s never tried me. Why is that?”

Instead of giving the explanation I had already thought up, I shrugged when I challenged, “I could ask you the same thing. I mean, all your little friends got at me one way or another. But not you. You were the only one who played it cool.”

It wasn’t that I was bothered by Londyn being the only one to never come after me way back when, I just always found it… interesting, especially since I was well aware of the fact that I was the talk of her little circle. And man, did those girls try their hardest to compete against each other for my attention when I knew good and well I wasn’t dealing with any of their ditzy asses.

Still, while Londyn was always in the mix, she was never one to even glance my way, though she tried to make sense of it all when she replied, “Because you weren’t all that,” teasingly gnawing at the corner of her lip as she waited for me to be offended.

Since I could tell she was playing – knew she better have been playing – I only laughed. “Damn, tell me how you really feel.”

She turned in her seat towards me, the seatbelt straining against her chest that was barely contained by the thin fabric of her dress now that she had returned my jacket. And not only was the top getting ready to spill but the bottom as well when she kicked her heels off and hooked one of her legs under her, causing the hem of her dress to rise just high enough for her pussy to surely be peeking out if I had the time to look without crashing the car.

It’s a rental anyway,” I thought, tempted to take my chances when Londyn admitted, “Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true. I guess I just… saw the kind of attention you drew and wasn’t about to join the pack when there were other dudes who wanted me. Or at least, other dudes who acted like they wanted me.”

“Yeah, those same goofies you were complaining about earlier,” I reminded her, growing annoyed since, from what I knew, she deserved so much better.

I mean, I could only imagine the type of bullshit she put up with on account of what was “best available” in this stale ass city. Nothing against my hometown; I was proud to rep it. But even from a distance, I knew just how shallow the dating pool sat.

Shit was as close to empty as empty got.

“You say that like you’re so much better,” she challenged with a giggle, leaning into the center console and increasing the tease I wasn’t sure she was intending to put on as her cleavage filled most of the space between us.

But I certainly wasn’t complaining. And since I also wasn’t one to beat around the bush, I simply replied, “I can show you better than I can tell you, Londyn.”

My plans were a lot more go with the flow than concrete since I still wasn’t 100% sure where her head was at and didn’t want to take any chances of reading it wrong. But then she licked her lips and asked, “And how, exactly, are you going to show me, Chance?”

Oh, she’s definitely tryna fuck.

I was glad to see we were relatively on the same page as I pulled up to the address she had given me, immediately noticing that whatever gaming company Londyn worked for was taking good care of her and avoiding her question to ask one of my own. “This you?”

She nodded, already unclicking her seatbelt when she answered, “Yep. Pull behind the right side of the garage so you don’t block me in.”

Block you in? Who said I was parking to stay?” I asked, once again trying to confirm I was reading the situation correctly. The last thing I needed was Londyn putting me on blast in front of her brother for throwing my dick in the race when she wasn’t even on that.

Lucky for me, Londyn made things crystal clear the second I put the car in park, not even waiting for me to turn it off before she was climbing over the center console to straddle my lap and answer, “Me.”


Coming January 20th. 😍🎮💋

Chance Washington only has a few things on his mind when he embarks on a trip back to his hometown. Completing the assignment for work that’s sending him there in the first place, helping his mom make progress on her fixer-upper home, and catching up with some of his best friends who he doesn’t get to see often enough. What is not a part of those plans is hooking up with one of his best friend’s little sister. But it doesn’t take long for him to realize that just because you walk into a game with a strategy, doesn’t always mean things are going to go as planned.

Londyn Miller isn’t looking for a relationship; a casual fling more her thing after blowing through the limited dating options in her hometown. But when a handsome – familiar – face returns to town for an extended stay, the decision to pursue him for a little fun is an easy one; as long as she’s sure not to let that fun turn into real feelings while also managing to keep it all from her overprotective big brother.

Just like Chance, Londyn quickly learns that plans and strategy can only get you so far before you’re forced to make in-game adjustments. And when those in-game adjustments evolve into something neither expected, it becomes a race for the finish line that Chance nor Londyn saw coming…

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