new release. a tale of two cities: a valentine’s novella.


So… originally, A Tale of Two Cities: A Valentine’s Novella was only going to be included as a bonus in the, A Tale Of Two Cities Holiday Collection. But to honor the votes from my friends on Facebook, now that it’s finished, I’ve decided to release it as its own project!

Yes, I know Valentine’s Day 2019 is well behind us. But since the book *technically* takes place after Valentine’s Day, it’s still kinda relevant 😉

Be looking out for the collection that will be available in paperback online as well as at every event I’ll be attending this year! And please enjoy the final Tale of Two Cities Novella – Valentine’s. ❤



When people think of a holiday for love, they automatically come up with Valentine’s Day.
But for Brooklyn and Austin, the day after is when the real fun begins thanks to a dare of a DM on Instagram that leads to the two of them spending a hot weekend in Miami together. 😉

A Tale of Two Cities Collection:
Cute & Sweet Millennial Meets Over a Holiday,
All With One Thing In Common; Cities.

Note: This is a short novella with a happy-for-now ending.
If you prefer your stories longer, I’d recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project. 🙂

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