sample sunday ii. oops.


Back again with another Sample Sunday from my next release, Oops, coming later this Spring!

If you missed the first one, you can find it here.

And if you’ve already read it, then please enjoy #2 🙂

(note: sample is unedited and subject to change because stuff happens lol)

As the curtains closed, a promotional video began to play that chronicled all the work the foundation had done over the past year, mostly things I had shown up for for photo-op purposes while leaving the real work to the other volunteers and paid staff. But watching that same video bring tears to Camryn’s eyes had me feeling a way; wanting to step my game up, wanting to do something that mattered, wanting to get more involved in ways only I could so that I could feel the same emotions she was feeling about it.

That’s how the first donation happened. 

The auction had just barely gotten started when I threw ten stacks at a damn five-day vacation in Cabo San Lucas that I could’ve easily gotten for a fraction of the price through my travel agent. But with the kids on my mind, and my sister taunting me with her equally competitive bids, I couldn’t help myself, happy to accept my prize and see the smile on Camryn’s face since my donation meant she was one step closer to her fundraising goal. 

I still kept my bidding card to myself for the rest of the auction, though. But it didn’t matter since between the auction items and the donor envelopes collected throughout the night, the foundation had easily surpassed its goal, the rest of the gala spent celebrating with more champagne to the sounds of Constella’s band until the crowd began to fizzle out closer to midnight. 

It was a good time, made even greater by the fact that I had a fatburger with cheese and some skinny fries waiting on me back at the office. But when I showed up to find Camryn scowling over her own skinny fries and a strawberry shake, I worried my high was about to be blown, hardly wanting to ask, “What’s the matter wit’ you?”

Peeking up like she hadn’t even heard me come in, her scowl turned into more of a frown when she answered, “Just a little disappointed is all.”

Disappointed? Camryn, tonight was amazing. Everyone had a wonderful time, Constella killed it, the fundraising goal was exceeded…”

“Yes, the foundation’s fundraising goal was exceeded. But my personal fundraising goal for tonight came up…” she paused, glancing at her paper to confirm, “Twenty-five hundred dollars short.”

“Overachieving ass,” I chuckled, pulling my phone from my pocket so that I could give my second donation of the night; three thousand dollars sent via PayPal. “You should be good now.”

Because she didn’t know exactly what I was up to, my sentiment confused her until her phone buzzed with a notification. And while the skepticism remained on her face, all that changed once she read the screen and popped up out of her seat with a shocked, “Maverick…

“Just say thank you, Camryn,” I insisted with a smirk, getting ready to reach for what I assumed was my food sitting on her desk until she moved to throw her arms around my neck in a hug. 

“I… thank you. Seriously. You have no idea how much this means to me.”

Having Camryn this close, smelling all good and still looking just as amazing as she did at the gala had me swallowing hard so that I could appropriately respond, “Anything for the kids, right?”

Her voice took a different tone when she dropped her arms to quietly agree, “Yeah. The kids.”

“And you too,” I added, pulling her back my way to clarify, “I’d do anything for you too.”

There was a moment of silence, a switch, a distinct change in energy between us as Camryn stared me down like she was trying to make sense of what I’d just said. But as the one who’d uttered the words and meant that shit, I had no problem keeping that same energy when I cupped her chin and brought my face down to hers for what was supposed to only be a brush of a kiss that quickly turned into a whole lot more once I got hip to just how good her lips tasted.

In no time at all, my hands were all over her body, my dick rock hard as the heat of her pussy began to emanate right from the slit of her dress. And with her tongue exploring every inch of my mouth, it was hard to catch my breath, though I made sure to catch just enough to request, “Say yes, Camryn.”

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