sample sunday ii. can’t catch me.

Back again with another Sample Sunday!

If you haven’t read the first one, you can find it here.

And if you have, keep reading to get to know a little more about Lance and Briyana 🙂

(note: sample is unedited and subject to change because stuff happens lol)

“Been in town for like a week and already got a nigga tryna wife you, huh?”

After turning around to confirm the source of the question, I hissed, “Lance, what the fuck?! You scared me!”

“Well imagine my surprise when I’m getting ready to turn on my car so I can pull out of my parents driveway and find out that I can’t cause your little friend is in my way.”

Rolling my eyes, I picked up my heels from the ground while annoyedly defending, “It was literally just an Uber, but okay.” Then I stood upright and was completely ready for a second showdown until I found Lance staring at me like he was… impressed?

My body reacted to that before my mind fully could, the heat between my thighs turning the tiny flicker that was leftover from earlier into a full-blown flame as my former best friend gave me a slow once-over then said, “Must’ve been somebody special if he’s got you out here wearing heels and shit.”

Looking away, because looking at his fine ass was too stressful, I answered, “I wasn’t on a date, Lance.” 

“Where you coming from then?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“So it was a date?”    

Instead of answering his question, I decided to change the subject, crossing my arms over my chest when I asked, “Do you like… live with your parents now or something? Why are you always here?”

With a deep chuckle that made me feel things, Lance argued, “You’ve legit only seen me at my parents house twice.”

“Oh yeah. Mmhmm. That’s totally true,” I responded awkwardly, trying to play off the fact that I’d definitely seen him over there more times than he knew about. But recognizing how weird that was, I was grateful that he didn’t know enough to call me out on it when he explained, “To answer your question, though, I was actually here celebrating my contract being finalized.”

“More millions to go with your millions. Congrats on that,” I told him sarcastically even though I really was happy for him. 

I mean, it was literally his dream come true to be playing for the Skyhawks. And considering professional football careers only lasted two and a half years on average, it was truly a blessing for him to have signed on for his sixth season regardless of how envious I felt knowing I hadn’t accomplished anything nearly as significant. 

“Maybe I should’ve taken that drink from Darnell,” I thought, my stomach immediately growling in response as if it was letting me know that without food, I didn’t even have the capacity for more liquor. And while I’d assumed it had only been loud enough for me to hear, I was a little embarrassed when Lance commented, “I don’t know why you went out with a nigga who ain’t even have the decency to feed you. Then again, we both know you’ve never been the best decision maker.”

At that, I couldn’t help but scowl as I told him, “You know what? It is entirely too late for this shit.” Then I put my heels back on so that I could finally cross the street, looking both ways just as Lance said, “Come take a ride with me, Yani.”


“I said, come take a ride with me,” he repeated, the scowl on my face tightening as I turned around and asked, “Why?”

Amusedly, he explained, “To get you somethin’ to eat, man.” 

“You get out of your car talkin’ shit, and I’m just supposed to assume you’d actually wanna do something nice for me?”

Instead of answering that question from a distance, he approached where I was still standing in the grass and very calmly asked, “Are you hungry, Briyana?”

He smelled so good that I was sure I would’ve said yes to anything he’d asked me. But thankfully, in this specific scenario, I could answer, “Yes” and keep my dignity intact.

Well… almost, the way my stomach immediately growled as if it was cheering in response to my answer forcing me to avert my eyes as Lance chuckled and said, “Then let’s go get somethin’ to eat.” 

Without even confirming if I was down or not, he headed back towards his car while I begrudgingly followed, making note of the fact that, unlike Darnell, Lance hadn’t even cared to make sure I’d gotten in safely before he was already revving up the engine. And of course, because of what kind of car it was, I wasn’t at all surprised when he pulled out of the neighborhood and almost instantly started driving like a maniac, the fact that I was kind of into it making me realize that being in such close proximity to him was probably not the best idea. 

It was too late now, though. 

Instead of being at my father’s house washing my makeup off like I should’ve been, I was watching the boy turned man I hadn’t seen in years whip his Batmobile through the streets of the city we’d grown up in together and getting turned on in the process, not even wanting to look away until he peeked over at me with his hand on the wheel and asked, “What?” 

That snapped me right out of my trance as I struggled to come up with an explanation for why I’d been staring so hard, eventually landing on, “I meant that congratulations earlier. You should be really proud of yourself, Lance.”

“Thank you, Yani,” he responded with the cutest little smirk before correcting, “I mean, Briyana. My bad.”

Honestly, making him call me by my full name was more of a defense mechanism than anything since hearing his deepened voice say “Yani” was a little more sensual than I could handle. But the fact that it was also so personal made it hard for me not to grin as I told him, “You know, you’re the only person who’s ever called me that.” 

“And I still think it’s a dope ass nickname even if you don’t like it anymore,” he argued, his defensive energy amusing me as I explained, “It’s not that I don’t like it. I guess I just got so used to not hearing it.”

“Well you’ll always be Yani to me.”

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