sample sunday ii. two minute warning.

Hey y’all!

Back again with another Sample Sunday from Two Minute Warning, book two of the Houston Skyhawks series that’s dropping later this Spring!

If you missed the first Sample Sunday, you can find it here.

And if you’re ready for more of Kiki and Snoop, keep reading 🙂

(note: sample is unedited and subject to change because stuff happens lol)

Swiping off of the post, I went back to her profile so that I could click the button that would allow me to send her a message. But to my surprise, there was already a message from her waiting on me, the sight of her profile picture at the top of my screen making me grin a little as I read, “I don’t know who shared that photo of us. But please know that I’m gonna find out and guarantee that it never happens again.”

I’d already assumed she’d had nothing to do with it, but it was still nice to see that part confirmed, giving me something to respond to when I typed out, “I’d appreciate that. Are you okay though?”

Because of the hour, I honestly wasn’t expecting Shakira to reply right away. But in what felt like a single blink, the message was marked as read before the bubble popped up that told me she was typing. 

@KikiKnight: “Yeah, I’m fine. This shit ain’t nothin’ new. And besides, I could’ve done a lot worse ;)”

@SnoopDogwood: “Would it be considered cocky if I agreed with you?” 

@KikiKnight: “A little lol. But I mean, look at the material.”

Her compliment made me smirk, though I couldn’t help responding with the truth.

 @SnoopDogwood: “Nah, I’m lookin’ rough right now. Training camp got me down bad.” 

@KikiKnight: “*laughing emoji* I find that hard to believe.

@KikiKnight: “But speaking of camp, how is that going?” 

Even if it was just her being polite, her interest in what I had going on was… it was nice, generally making me feel a little lighter as I typed out, “It’s cool. Exhausting, but that’s to be expected.” And then, because she thought I was playing, I snapped a quick picture of myself that I sent with the caption “Told you :/” 

When I could see that she’d opened the message but didn’t respond right away, I got a little nervous thinking I may have taken things a step too far. Or shit, maybe I really was a lot uglier than she’d remembered. But thankfully, for my ego’s sake, she put that thought to bed when her reply finally came through. 

@KikiKnight: “See. Shit like that is exactly why we’re in trouble now lol.”

@SnoopDogwood: “I just didn’t want you to think I was lying.”

@KikiKnight: “But you WERE lying! The rugged look is a vibe. *drooling emoji*” 

My lack of haircut, overgrown facial hair, and the big ass scar across my forehead from my helmet told me she was the one who was actually lying. But instead of responding on some self-deprecating shit, I started to type out some version of a thank you until I saw she’d sent me a picture.

The caption said, “I couldn’t let you outdo me,” followed by the purple devil emoji. And the picture said she wasn’t lying about that, the way her titties were sitting in the lowcut dress she had on making my dick rock up instantly while also making me a little jealous of whoever she was out with tonight. 

“Probably just her homegirls,” I decided as I let the picture play a second, final time. And after erasing what I’d typed before, I sent her a response that was much more fitting. 

@SnoopDogwood: “Damn. You win.”

@KikiKnight: “And you’re welcome ;).

Before I could respond to that, she’d sent another message. 

@KikiKnight: “I’m sure you need your rest, so I’ma get outta your DMs. But I hope you have a great rest of training camp.”

Honestly, if that picture was any indication of how she was coming, I wasn’t opposed to losing a little sleep if it meant more of her. But knowing that was just my hormones talking, I took the out while I had the chance, keeping it respectful when I replied, “Thank you, Shakira.” 

@KikiKnight: “*eyeroll emoji* Goodnight, Kendall.” 

After tapping her message twice to “like” it, I clicked out of the conversation, smiling to myself as I thought about how much that brief interaction had not only changed my entire mood, but also how eerily similar it was to how things had gone with us in person. While I was so deep in my head about what strangers at a party thought of me that I couldn’t even enjoy myself, she’d found a way to redirect my attention elsewhere, so much so that I’d forgotten what had me so bothered to begin with. And now, she had done the same thing with this internet shit, our flirtatious vibe somehow feeling just as natural online as it had been off of it. It was… interesting, even more so once I saw the notification that I had a new follower. And after a literal two clicks, so did @KikiKnight.

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