let’s link up in 2017.

So… I’m SUPER SUPER excited for 2017. I’m excited for all of the new releases to come, I’m excited for my brain to be invaded with new characters, and I’m MOST excited about being able to meet some of you guys at the awesome author events coming up this year! If you haven’t registered yet, IContinue reading “let’s link up in 2017.”

randomness that is… why southwest airlines will always have my allegiance.

Everyone please stand and remove your hats. I pledge allegiance… to Southwest.  For my flights all around America (and Mexico too). And to the republic, for which it stands. One nation. Under God. Indivisible. With liberty. And free TV, snacks, and leg space for all.  I love flying Southwest Airlines. And to be honest, whenContinue reading “randomness that is… why southwest airlines will always have my allegiance.”

why summer 2015 was the greatest summer ever.

Anybody who knows me knows I love to travel. Like…I’d drive around in a RV for a year straight if I could. But since real life duty calls, I have to sneak in trips when I can. This summer, I fit in as many as my PTO and budget allowed. Some people called it, “AContinue reading “why summer 2015 was the greatest summer ever.”