girl, have you met… dallas recap.

Photo Courtesy of Jillian Gee.

Girl, Have You Met… Dallas almost didn’t happen.

Not that Christina and I didn’t have the desire to put on the Girl, Have You Met… event for a second time because we absolutely did, or that the need for the event wasn’t there because it most certainly was. But Girl, Have You Met… almost didn’t happen simply because we couldn’t find the right location for it.

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let’s link up in 2017.

So… I’m SUPER SUPER excited for 2017.

I’m excited for all of the new releases to come, I’m excited for my brain to be invaded with new characters, and I’m MOST excited about being able to meet some of you guys at the awesome author events coming up this year!

If you haven’t registered yet, I HIGHLY suggest you do so now as I hear tickets are going fast for each event!

Can’t wait to meet you all soon. ❤


Girl, Have You Met… Houston
Indie Love in the A… Atlanta
Behind The Pen… NYC

randomness that is… why southwest airlines will always have my allegiance.


Everyone please stand and remove your hats.

I pledge allegiance… to Southwest. 

For my flights all around America (and Mexico too).

And to the republic, for which it stands.

One nation.

Under God.


With liberty.

And free TV, snacks, and leg space for all. 

I love flying Southwest Airlines.

And to be honest, when I search for flights that’s usually the only place I go to look.

Anytime I’ve searched other places, the ticket prices seem pretty ridiculous compared to Southwest and even if the tickets are a few bucks cheaper, it’s an airline that charges for bags.


But let me give you eight reasons why I love flying Southwest.

1. Wanna Getaway Tickets. 

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road trip. fort worth edition.

Fort Worth Selfie

(Because no good road trip starts without a selfie first lol)

I live for spontaneity. Though I am a planned down to the inch type of girl, I love the times of my life where I can just get up and go. So when my dad called and said he’d be heading to Fort Worth, TX for a conference, I jumped on the opportunity instantly, even though it was a legit 4 hours away.

(So maybe I missed him a little bit lol)

dad selfie.

What I wasn’t expecting though, was to find the gem that is the JFK memorial. Now I’m sure you know the story of JFK’s assassination so I won’t insult your intelligence. BUT what I didn’t know was that he addressed a crowd at Hotel Texas (now the Hilton where we stayed at on our impromptu trip) the night before that fateful day. So naturally, Fort Worth honored him with this beautiful memorial (pictured below).

image4                         image5 image6        image3-1

If you’re ever visiting Fort Worth, or passing through, or whatever you may be doing around that area, I would definitely recommend at least driving by and taking a peek.

And while you’re in the area, stop at Frankie’s for a frozen margarita. They’ll get you right. 😉