caught. a holiday season super short.

Merry Christmas week, y’all! Something about the #holidayszn is so ripe for short story potential, and I couldn’t let this year pass without getting in on the fun 🙂 Let me be clear, this super short is not a romance, so don’t expect any sort of HEA, HFN, etc. But it is a fun, fictionalContinue reading “caught. a holiday season super short.”

ghosted. a halloween super short.

It’s officially #SpookySzn! One random night in September, the premise of this short hit me like a ton of bricks. And the next day, it was completed. So please enjoy my not-really-romance contribution to the season, Ghosted 🙂 (note: this was something super quick, and fun, and free for me to do that is onlyContinue reading “ghosted. a halloween super short.”

cross my mind. a super short.

So… last night’s #Verzuz “battle”/lovefest on Instagram between Jill Scott and Erykah Badu left me feeling a number of ways. Full and yet also lighter. Warm and inspired.  Ready to create something.  As a final song and in dedication to Andre Harrell (RIP), Jill Scott played “Cross My Mind”. And the way I do afterContinue reading “cross my mind. a super short.”