sample sunday. attractions & distractions : sophomore year

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I knew Jordan had planned to introduce me to his friends since I was gonna be around more often so I wasn’t surprised by the act. What I was surprised by was the way my mouth seemed to go dry when we approached who I assumed Jordan was gonna introduce me to. Dude wasn’t even cute. He was fine.

Tall, caramel, muscular, tattooed, and fine.

“Little sister, this is my boy Bryson. Bryson, this is my bigheaded little sister I was tellin’ you about.”

Did he really have to add that? 

I tried to hide my instant attraction to the tall glass of water as he extended his hand to me. I returned the handshake and was taken aback by the vibrations that seemed to go through my body the second I touched his palm. I pulled my hand back hoping he hadn’t caught the same tremors.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Alexis. This dude has been talkin’ about you ever since you got back in town so I had to see what the hype was about.”


“Well you can believe everything good he had to say.”

“And the bad stuff?”

“He made all that shit up.” Both guys started laughing and I was grateful to feel in control even though my body felt anything but. The problem with becoming intimate was the fact that I began to crave it, even when I was in no position to get it. I didn’t have a man. And I didn’t have Jaden. So what was a girl suppose to do?

I could never look at my hand the same.

Speaking of hands…

I took a quick glance at his hands as he and Jordan were chatting and they were massive which only meant one thing. Why I was even considering that with someone I barely knew bothered me, but I couldn’t help but sweep my eyes a little lower trying to get a peek of his possible dick print. The lighting in the room didn’t help me out any so I let my eyes travel back up to find two sets of eyes burning into me. My cheeks instantly went rosy.


“I asked you if you were excited to be living with these knuckleheads?”

Oh…oh yeah…they’re cool peoples.” I wasn’t sure what all Jordan had disclosed about my relationship, or lack thereof, with Jaden so I kept things to a minimum.

“I agree. You’re in good hands with this dude here. That other one I’m not too sure about.”

You got that right. 

Both guys shared in a laugh once again and I tried my best to seem like I found the humor in it too.

“Yeah I’m sure she’s learned her lesson when it comes to that fool.” Jordan made the comment so innocently, but I could tell his friend had picked up on the undertones by the way his face changed. I had to switch things up quickly before too much was said that I wasn’t quite ready to explain considering I didn’t understand it very well myself.

“Well, it was nice to meet you. I’m sure I’ll see you around tonight.” It felt like a logical thing to say as a getaway. And I did want to see him again.

Maybe even alone.

(this post was originally published at on 3/8/15)

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