attractions & distractions makeover.

I’m happy to share that the Attractions & Distractions covers got a much-needed makeover! And to celebrate that makeover, the series will be on sale through the weekend. So if you haven’t taken the college ride with Alexis and Jaden, here’s your chance. Don’t let the young love fool you. 😉 PURCHASE HERE  

senior year is here!

Soo… ya’ll have no idea how much this book stressed me out! From the story line, to editing, to re-editing, and publishing… then re-publishing, Attractions & Distractions : Senior Year will forever hold a special place in my heart for being so hardheaded on so many levels!  LOL BUT, I’m so happy book baby #7Continue reading “senior year is here!”

words bites. attractions & distractions: senior year.

SO I realized I have this bad habit of posting stuff to my Facebook Author Page that I don’t post here about Attractions & Distractions: Senior Year. It IS coming (this month), and I’ve been dropping little hints about the story all over Facebook that I should probably share here as well!

sample-ish sunday. attractions & distractions : junior year.

So I love that people are enjoying Junior Year enough to have already finished it and I can’t WAIT to read everyone’s reviews but I received a question today that made me think… The question was: Did Jaden ever tell Jordan what Natasha did because she never came back around after she was exposed. ForContinue reading “sample-ish sunday. attractions & distractions : junior year.”