teaser tuesday. attractions&distractions: senior year.

Saturday can’t come soon enough!!

Our last Teaser Tuesday before Attractions&Distractions: Senior Year is available!

Enjoy a teaser from Jaden’s latest distraction. 😉


(note: sample unedited and subject to change)

My intentions were to go in and let her know I was gone for the day so she could sign my attendance form and timesheet, but I was far too distracted to remember by the time she asked, “Can I help you with something, Jaden?”

I picked up a couple of the bottles, tossing them in the trash as I replied, “Umm… how about I help you. You look like you could use it.”

She gave me her usual little smirk. “Very funny, Jaden.”

“I’m serious, Ms. Harper. I’m pretty sure any additional duties requested was included in the intern description somewhere. Let me do my job.” I gave her an earnest smile as if I was actually proud to clean her office for her.

She stood up and walked in front of her desk, leaning against it and crossing her arms over chest. “Well since you actually read that shit, I’m sure you saw something about impromptu shoulder massages in there too.” I’d be damned if my heart didn’t skip a beat.


“I’m kidding, Jaden.” She busted out laughing and I was forced to join in too, knowing good and well I was more than willing to grab some essential oils. “That would not only be against company policy. It would also warrant an ass-whoopin’ from Jamison. And since I don’t wanna lose my best, most favorite employee, you should probably keep your hands to yourself.”

Senior Year CoverSenior Year is finally upon us and graduation is officially on the horizon!

With all of the new possibilities, Alexis and Jaden are happier than ever before. But when their relationship is tested by both old and new distractions, and everything around them seems to be falling apart, will they be able to survive the school year as one? Or will it simply be time to say goodbye?

(Note: This book is not a standalone. For the full story, I highly encourage you to read Attractions & Distractions: Freshman Year, Sophomore Year, and Junior Year first!)

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