teaser tuesday. distracted.


The book that came out of nowhere. lol

That’s what I affectionately think of this book as because, long story short… it wasn’t in my mind at all!

BUT as I was writing the end of Attractions & Distractions: Senior Year (which I hope you all enjoyed), I realized that Bryson… even through his flaws, was without a doubt one of the more interesting characters of the series. We first heard from him in Sophomore Year, then he reintroduced himself in Junior Year, and finally in Senior Year he became a little more… outspoken (sometimes even surprising me lol). So I starting toying with the idea of making him a lead character which spoke a HELL of a lot louder than I expected it to.

And now we’re here, with Distracted, which I plan to release before the end of December!

So to give you an idea of where we’re headed on the last ride of the year as far as releases are concerned, here’s a little teaser!

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teaser tuesday. the pregame ritual

teaser. TUESDAY!

(in my head that was in the Sister, Sister theme song voice lol)

ANYWAY, whenever this book comes out, hopefully by the end of the month, I’m gonna be so excited.

But for now, here’s a little teaser. 🙂


(teaser is unedited and subject to change)


Get your shit together, Ava.

I cursed at myself for missing my third free throw in a row. Even though today was our off day, I found myself at the court working on my weakness; free throws. There was something about all eyes being on me, counting on me for that measly one point that could actually be a game-changer, that kept me nervous about shooting them. So nervous that last season I shot a weak ass 70% from the line.

I had to get better.

I took a deep breath and lined my feet up before taking a few dribbles and lifting the ball in the air. The ball was on my fingertips when I heard from afar, “There’s your problem.”

Initially the voice startled me until I turned around and saw who it was.

He was the real problem.

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teaser tuesday. an unconventional love

So I shared this via FB – which if you wanna really stay up-to-date, you should probably go like the page lol – but I wanted to make sure I put it here too! Here’s a little teaser from An Unconventional Love, coming July 25th!

“Hey. Sorry I’m late. The brat had a load of questions.” I turned to find…whatever his name was, dressed down from his earlier attire but still looking exquisite. His good looks were almost enough to make up for the fact that he was twenty minutes late.

“It’s all good. But I’ve had a long day so I think I’m gonna jet.”

His face turned into a frown as he questioned, “Jet? But I just got here.”

“Yeah. You just got here but I’ve been here and am now ready to leave.” I reached down to retrieve my purse from the under counter rack before I felt that same warm hand except for this time it was covering mine. It felt like I was shocked by static but I knew that probably wasn’t the case considering there was nothing around to create that kind of energy.

So what the hell was that?

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teaser tuesday. attractions & distractions : junior year

Junior Year is ALMOST upon us.

And I realized I’ve been posting all sorts of teasers to Facebook but none of them made it here so here we go! All of the teasers for Attractions & Distractions : Junior Year in one place!

Attractions & Distractions : Junior Year
Line 1.
“Babe, you gotta believe me.”

Attractions & Distractions : Junior Year Playlist
Track 2. 

Attractions & Distractions: Junior Year Playlist
Track 4.

Attractions and Distractions : Junior Year Playlist.
Track 9.

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teaser tuesday. getting the edge

The excitement is unreal. Friday can’t come any sooner!


College graduation is only the beginning for Ariel as she lands her dream job working for a record label in The Big Apple. Not only is it the beginning of her professional career, but also the beginning of an unexpected romance with Jamison, a self-assured recent grad who is also getting his foot in the door of the music industry at a competing record label. The collision of business and pleasure is inevitable but when Ariel receives a personal assignment to help take down her label’s top competition, she’s forced to make a decision; her career or her newfound love? Just how far will she have to go to get the edge?

(this post was originally published at thebookwormlodge.com on 4/7/15)