sample sunday. the pregame ritual.

MANY thank yous to everyone who has already snagged a copy of The PreGame Ritual. For those of you who are still thinking about buying, here’s another sample to entice you. 🙂 I couldn’t believe what was happening but I knew it was real. In no time at all, the bill was paid with ourContinue reading “sample sunday. the pregame ritual.”

teaser tuesday. the pregame ritual

teaser. TUESDAY! (in my head that was in the Sister, Sister theme song voice lol) ANYWAY, whenever this book comes out, hopefully by the end of the month, I’m gonna be so excited. But for now, here’s a little teaser. 🙂 (teaser is unedited and subject to change) ava. Get your shit together, Ava. IContinue reading “teaser tuesday. the pregame ritual”

sample sunday. the pregame ritual

Ahh Sample Sunday. We meet again. I’m so excited to share a sample from my next release; The PreGame Ritual. (note: this is unedited and subject to change.) Ava knows that she’s the best girls basketball player in the country at the collegiate level. She knows that she’s going straight the pros once her seniorContinue reading “sample sunday. the pregame ritual”