teaser tuesday. an unconventional love

So I shared this via FB – which if you wanna really stay up-to-date, you should probably go like the page lol – but I wanted to make sure I put it here too! Here’s a little teaser from An Unconventional Love, coming July 25th! “Hey. Sorry I’m late. The brat had a load ofContinue reading “teaser tuesday. an unconventional love”

sample sunday. an unconventional love

Hey Peeps! It’s been awhile…I know I know, but I’m excited to share with you that *SOMETHING* is coming soon. (No, not Senior Year lol) Here’s a sample from An Unconventional Love, featuring Jasmine from Getting the Edge. I watched the flow of traffic out of my sideview mirror, waiting for a good chance toContinue reading “sample sunday. an unconventional love”