teaser tuesday. an unconventional love

So I shared this via FB – which if you wanna really stay up-to-date, you should probably go like the page lol – but I wanted to make sure I put it here too! Here’s a little teaser from An Unconventional Love, coming July 25th!

“Hey. Sorry I’m late. The brat had a load of questions.” I turned to find…whatever his name was, dressed down from his earlier attire but still looking exquisite. His good looks were almost enough to make up for the fact that he was twenty minutes late.

“It’s all good. But I’ve had a long day so I think I’m gonna jet.”

His face turned into a frown as he questioned, “Jet? But I just got here.”

“Yeah. You just got here but I’ve been here and am now ready to leave.” I reached down to retrieve my purse from the under counter rack before I felt that same warm hand except for this time it was covering mine. It felt like I was shocked by static but I knew that probably wasn’t the case considering there was nothing around to create that kind of energy.

So what the hell was that?

“One drink. It’s the least I could do for wasting your time.” His beautiful brown eyes were pleading with me to stay and it felt like I couldn’t say no if I wanted to.

But for the record, I did in fact want to say no.

“Fine. One drink. Then I’m out of here.” He smiled as if he didn’t believe my statement before he climbed onto the barstool next to the one I had been occupying.

“You won’t wanna leave.”

“Excuse me?”

“After one drink. You won’t wanna leave.” So this late mothafucka who had already ruined a little of my month by hitting my car really had the nerve to be arrogant about my time. Yet here I was, accepting the challenge with open arms.


Jasmine is on the not-it list when it comes to relationships.
A fling here and there?
But full blown commitment?
No way in hell.
Dealing with a man full-time is just not worth the trouble when you can get what you want and get away like it never happened.

That was the plan when she met Rich, a good and worthy fling, but exactly that…a fling.
Until the cravings start.
And Jasmine is forced into a whole new realm of life when she least expected it.

(this post was originally published on thebookwormlodge.com)

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