sample sunday. an unconventional love


Hey Peeps!

It’s been awhile…I know I know, but I’m excited to share with you that *SOMETHING* is coming soon. (No, not Senior Year lol)

Here’s a sample from An Unconventional Love, featuring Jasmine from Getting the Edge.

I watched the flow of traffic out of my sideview mirror, waiting for a good chance to jump in. I had a solid half hour before my Contemporary Issues in Laws and Politics class was due to start but judging by the traffic that had yet to stop coming, I would be late as always. As I veered in once I thought the coast was clear, I instantly heard the collision of someone’s headlight against my bumper.

“What the fuck!” I put my car in park and hopped out to inspect the damage. For as bad as things sounded, there was only a small dent but that wasn’t gonna stop me from cussing whoever the driver was out after I snapped a quick pic of their license plate just in case they decided to do a hit and run. The second I heard the door to the 95 Honda Accord creak open, I wasted no time going in. “Are you blind?! Were you not paying any attention?! This is a BMW for Christ’s sake!”

“Calm down girl. It was an accident. Shit happens. Just chill out for a second.”

I didn’t have time to look at whoever the man was as I was too busy snapping shots of the damage to submit to my insurance agent by app. “Chill out?! I’ll chill out when your insurance information… if you have insurance… is in my hand so I can get to where I need to go.”

“Look. I got places to go just like you so don’t try to put yourself on some high horse just cause my car is a different level of luxury than yours. If your ass was paying attention, you would’ve saw me coming but no, you were probably too busy looking in the mirror at your damn self to think about other people on the road.” He had a point. I mean, I was only checking my teeth to make sure none of the spinach salad I had for a late lunch was stuck between them. But he didn’t know all that for a fact so he had no right to just make it up like he knew me or something.

When I finally looked at him, ready to serve him my spitfire speciality on a platter, all my words seemed to get choked up in my throat. Smooth, honey-roasted skin, a five o’clock shadow that contradicted his fresh out of the barber’s chair low fade, and muscles that were straining against a damp white tee like he had just came from the gym.


If I would’ve known he was this damn fine all along, I certainly would’ve kept my mouth closed. But now that he had came for me on some personal shit…

“And just where do you have to be huh? Going to visit one of your baby mamas? Gonna lay some dick on her so she’ll lower your child support payments?” Clearly, the last case I had finished the paperwork for before I left the office was still in my head.

He raised an eyebrow at me before he said, “I don’t have kids. Not that that’s any of your business. But actually I was headed home before your non-driving ass interrupted me.” I rolled my eyes.

“Anyway! Will you just hand over your insurance card so I can snap a picture and get on my way. I have way better things to do than go tit-for-tat with a stranger in the street.” He finally cracked a smirk and my lower extremities seemed to lose a little bit of their cohesion. Thankfully he didn’t see my reaction as he was already back at his car, leaning over the front seat to get to the glove compartment. I tried to divert my attention to everything else happening around me, but somehow my eyes still gravitated to his ridiculously firm ass.


He peeked through the windshield to see if I was still there and the way his gaze skimmed over my body gave me chills.

Chill Jaz.

He’s not on your level.

Instead of waiting for him to find his information, I went to my car to get mine. I was still in my work clothes, so it wasn’t easy to get across the front seat in my pencil skirt but now that I was already trying, I surely wasn’t going to get back out of the car to walk around. As I flipped through the random assortment of papers that were in my glove compartment, I heard a low, “Damn” and knew exactly why. I peeked behind me, way too prepared to get my flirt and tease on since I finally had his attention but his eyes were nowhere near on me. In fact, they were on his phone that he seemed to be scrolling through endlessly.


I grabbed one of the paper copies of my insurance card that I kept in my car just for situations like this (okay, maybe I wasn’t the best driver) and climbed out of the car.

“Here you go.” He peeked up from his phone just long enough to grab the paper and trade it with his insurance card. I pulled my phone out to take a picture of both sides before giving it back to him. He gave me a nod and was heading back to his car, his eyes still preoccupied with whatever was on his phone. And against my usual attack of someone that intrigued me, I climbed into mine.

Jasmine is on the not-it list when it comes to relationships.

A fling here and there?


But full blown commitment?

No way in hell.

Dealing with a man full-time is just not worth the trouble when you can get what you want and get away like it never happened.

That was the plan when she met Rich, a good and worthy fling, but exactly that…a fling.

Until the cravings start.

And Jasmine is forced into a whole new realm of life when she least expected it.

(this post was originally published at on 7/5/2015)

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