sample-ish sunday. attractions & distractions : junior year.

So I love that people are enjoying Junior Year enough to have already finished it and I can’t WAIT to read everyone’s reviews but I received a question today that made me think…

The question was: Did Jaden ever tell Jordan what Natasha did because she never came back around after she was exposed.

For those of you that have at least made it to Spring Semester, you know what this is about, but for those that haven’t, close your eyes! lol

I picture this conversation happening around Finals Week/Christmas Break time but here it is as a little bonus read for all of your support!

I had to tell him.

I could no longer sit back and watch my brother fall victim to Natasha’s bullshit even though I was just sure it would be the other way around when they first hooked up. I peeked into the door of Jordan’s room and saw him laying on the bed, smiling giddily at his phone. I could hear the voice of a girl coming from the phone, but I couldn’t put my finger on who it belonged to right away.

“Jordy, I don’t know why we keep doing this.”


Only one person in the world called him Jordy and that was his forever boo, Ashley.

“Doing what, beautiful?”


What the hell is this all about?

I didn’t wanna blow my cover, so I kept listening from the hallway.

“The back and forth like we don’t wanna be with each other. I mean, you know I wanna be with you and…it seems like you wanna be with me so…”

“So, let’s just be together, right?”


Oh shit.

They were actually talking about getting back together as if Natasha didn’t exist.

“Well, look Ash. I’ve been thinking about it and…though I do wanna be with you, I’ve got so much going on with school and getting ready for graduation that I don’t know if I’d do us any justice by trying to balance all of that with our relationship.”

I recognized his game the second it came out of his mouth. He had never had a problem balancing school and their relationship before, so that surely couldn’t be the issue. He was simply enjoying the single life and wasn’t quite ready to give it up. Of course, he couldn’t put it that way to Ashley if he wanted to keep her around so he gave her the balancing act talk instead.

I knocked on the door, immediately getting his attention.

“Hey babe, I’m gonna call you back, okay?” I heard her reply before he quickly hung up the phone. “Little brother, what’s up?”

“You and Ash getting back together, huh?”

He shrugged his shoulders as he replied, “I don’t know, maybe.”

“So you and Natasha are through?”

“Umm…not quite, little brother.”

“You want me to tell you why you should be?” He sat up a little straighter, inviting me to have a seat on his bed with him. There was no reason to hold anything back now that I knew the complete truth.

“I don’t think I like the sound of that.”

“You shouldn’t. Remember those pics, and texts, that broke Lexi and I up?”


I could see the wheels turning in his head, but he didn’t catch on until I said, “Natasha.”


“Well Natasha and Skylar, but yeah Natasha.”

“Why would she do something like that?” His guess was as good as mine and though she had told me why, I still didn’t fully believe her premise.

“She called herself helping her cousin but I know bullshit when I hear it. She was using you to get to me.”

I watched his whole demeanor turn empathetic as he said, “Damn…that’s…that’s crazy. I mean, I wasn’t gonna make things official with her or anything like that but…damn. That’s fucked up. I’m sorry, little brother.”

“Nah, I’m sorry for letting you invite her into our section in the first place. Should’ve warned you about those crazy ass eyes.”

He got a little too excited about me mentioning them as he came back with, “Them eyes were wicked, huh? I mean when we were fuckin’, they would…”

“Toooo much, bro. I get it. I don’t need the details.”

“Right. But thanks for the tip. I mean, I’ll probably hit that one more time as if you didn’t just tell me all of this and call it quits.”

“Whatever floats your boat.”

(this post was originally published at on 5/17/15)

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