teaser tuesday. an unconventional love

Soooo An Unconventional Love is dropping tomorrow and I’m soooo excited…and nervous….and anxious…and everything else lol but anyway!

Here’s another teaser – that was shared on Facebook (like the page!) – for Teaser Tuesday!


4:48 AM.
I had to get out of here.
I pulled my legs as slowly and quietly as I could from under the comforter, letting my toes sink into the carpet for a moment before I stood up. I glided from the bed, working hard to not draw any attention to myself.
Where are my panties?
Luckily they were bright pink otherwise there would’ve been no way for me to spot them in the dark. I bent over to retrieve them and was startled by the sound of his voice.
“Are you purposely trying to entice me?” I refused to turn around and give him the satisfaction of my attention and bare breasts.
“No. Actually I was purposely trying to get my ass out of here.”
“Oh, that ass? Nah, that ass isn’t going anywhere,” he said with a low chuckle though I didn’t find anything funny.
“Excuse me?”
“You’re excused. Now get back over here. I’m far from done with you.

Jasmine is on the not-it list when it comes to relationships.
A fling here and there?
But full blown commitment?
No way in hell.
Dealing with a man full-time is just not worth the trouble when you can get what you want and get away like it never happened.

That was the plan when she met Rich, a good and worthy fling, but exactly that…a fling.
Until the cravings start.
And Jasmine is forced into a whole new realm of life when she least expected it.

(this post was originally published on thebookwormlodge.com)

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