teaser tuesday. attractions & distractions : junior year

Junior Year is ALMOST upon us.

And I realized I’ve been posting all sorts of teasers to Facebook but none of them made it here so here we go! All of the teasers for Attractions & Distractions : Junior Year in one place!

Attractions & Distractions : Junior Year
Line 1.
“Babe, you gotta believe me.”

Attractions & Distractions : Junior Year Playlist
Track 2. 

Attractions & Distractions: Junior Year Playlist
Track 4.

Attractions and Distractions : Junior Year Playlist.
Track 9.

Attractions & Distractions : Junior Year
Page 43.

“I’m sorry, Alexis. I didn’t know you were…seeing someone.”

“It’s cool. We’re just…sharing a friendly dinner, right?” I peeked over just in time to catch him using a napkin to delicately dab the corners of his mouth before those same corners flared into a provocative grin.

“Trust me, beautiful. I don’t do just-friends with women like you.”

Attractions & Distractions : Junior Year
Page 142.

“Lexi Boo, you know we’re like 3 hours ahead of ya’ll over here on the East Coast.”
“True. I guess I should’ve known that, huh?”
“Considering you’re from this neck of the woods, definitely. But I’m up and you’re making that worth something so it’s all good.” I smiled as I watched the light from the TV flicker off his body in the dim room.
“Well since it is so late over there, what are you still doing up then?”
“I was actually dozing off ‘til you text me. That’s why I FaceTimed you cause I probably would’ve fallen asleep waiting on your replies.” I knew exactly what he meant though I usually just chose to fall asleep anyway. But I couldn’t help using the opportunity to tease him again.
“I thought you wanted to hear my voice and look at me.”
“Well that too. You know what I mean. Quit playin’.”

Sophomore Year folks know all about that ‪#‎LexiBoo‬ lol


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