teaser tuesday. distracted.


The book that came out of nowhere. lol

That’s what I affectionately think of this book as because, long story short… it wasn’t in my mind at all!

BUT as I was writing the end of Attractions & Distractions: Senior Year (which I hope you all enjoyed), I realized that Bryson… even through his flaws, was without a doubt one of the more interesting characters of the series. We first heard from him in Sophomore Year, then he reintroduced himself in Junior Year, and finally in Senior Year he became a little more… outspoken (sometimes even surprising me lol). So I starting toying with the idea of making him a lead character which spoke a HELL of a lot louder than I expected it to.

And now we’re here, with Distracted, which I plan to release before the end of December!

So to give you an idea of where we’re headed on the last ride of the year as far as releases are concerned, here’s a little teaser!


My dreams were embarrassingly vivid as I unconsciously made use of Kennedy’s little pre-bedtime show. I still couldn’t believe she had gone so far, but I was honestly impressed by how much freedom she let herself have for a change though I wasn’t sure how it related to everything else. Like how she ended up with Wes in the first place, and what was going on with her and Landon, and why she insisted on coming here instead of going home. But those were all questions that could be answered when I went back to the master bedroom.

I made up the bed in the guest room, straightening up the little I had rearranged before I made my way a few doors down. I opened the door and the room looked completely untouched, everything in place like she had never been there. The only reason I knew I wasn’t dreaming was because of the note left in the middle of the bed, right next to the pair of panties she had slingshotted at me.

I smiled to myself, rubbing the thin, lacy fabric between my fingers as I read the note.

Some women simply don’t unveil every personality trait the first couple of times they meet someone. Some of us like to keep things a mystery until the friendship develops. You know, allow things to unfold. 😉

Thanks for the hospitality and enjoy the gift,



Bryson is a ladies man by nature.

And why wouldn’t he be?

He’s young.

He’s single.

He’s sexy.

And he’s fresh off of a record-breaking second year of professional basketball with his whole career ahead of him.

So when he meets Kennedy while interviewing for a new stylist, of course he wastes no time going after her.

Until he finds out she’s engaged.

And even though he knows how wrong it is to be so damn attracted to a taken woman – has already learned his lesson when it comes to taken women – he can’t help but be drawn in by her captivating persona of innocence mixed with a hint mystery.

But when Kennedy finds herself in the same predicament, caught completely off guard by Bryson’s charm and sex appeal, the line between attraction and distraction suddenly becomes a blur.

Who’s really the distracted one?

(Note: This book is a standalone, but features secondary characters from the Attractions & Distractions series as well as The PreGame Ritual with tiny spoilers.)

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