sample sunday. attractions & distractions: senior year.

It’s almost time!

Attractions & Distractions: Senior Year will be out on November 21st.

But until then, here’s a sample to keep you warm. 😉


(note: sample is unedited and subject to change)

I climbed off of the couch and walked back to the bedroom where Grandmama was staying. I cracked open the door, expecting to find her reading the newspaper, or watching her stories, or maybe gazing out of the window with a cup of coffee in her hand.

But no.

Grandmama had her phone in her hand like she was taking a selfie, but I knew she wasn’t because I could hear grunts coming from the other end.

“Grandmama!” Her eyes went wide as she pulled the blanket up to cover her mostly nude body.

“Alexis! Henry, I’ll call you back.” She clicked to end the call before grabbing her housecoat, putting it on under the cover as if I hadn’t already saw what she was working with. “Chile, I don’t care if this is your house. You still need to knock before you enter. Bustin’ in on grown folk’s business.” I leaned against the doorframe, crossing my arms, completely amused by the fact that shit like this – getting caught on freaky FaceTime calls – was supposed to happen the other way around.

“Clearly. Who the hell is Henry?”

She pointed a finger to warn me, “Watch your mouth, little girl. Henry is my bae.” Now that I had to laugh at.

Your bae? Grandmama, who taught you that?” She brushed me off as she headed to the kitchen already knowing I would follow her.

“I can read and watch TV just like you. What do you think I do all day? Sit at home and worry about you and your mama? I would’ve been had a heart attack if that was the case. Henry keeps me young.” It made complete sense no matter how blown my mind was by the fact that my Grandmama was using FaceTime to spice up her little relationship. She made herself busy with the coffeemaker as I settled in at the kitchen island.

“Well at least you found someone your age.” With a name like Henry, I knew he had to be at least 60.

She turned to me with a confused look on her face as she said, “Who, Henry? Oh no, chile. Henry’s a baby. He’s 38.”

She wore the cutest little smirk as she said, “Didn’t think your Grandmama could pull ‘em like that, huh? I’m a Jaguar.”

“You mean a Cougar?”

“They’re all cats, Alexis. You knew what I meant.”

Senior Year CoverSenior Year is finally upon us and graduation is officially on the horizon!

With all of the new possibilities, Alexis and Jaden are happier than ever before. But when their relationship is tested by both old and new distractions, and everything around them seems to be falling apart, will they be able to survive the school year as one? Or will it simply be time to say goodbye?

(Note: This book is not a standalone. For the full story, I highly encourage you to read Attractions & Distractions: Freshman Year, Sophomore Year, and Junior Year first!)

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