words bites. attractions & distractions: senior year.

Senior Year Cover

SO I realized I have this bad habit of posting stuff to my Facebook Author Page that I don’t post here about Attractions & Distractions: Senior Year.

It IS coming (this month), and I’ve been dropping little hints about the story all over Facebook that I should probably share here as well!

“That’s the thing, Tyree. I absolutely do NOT want anything to do with you. You are married, you have two children with a third on the way, and I’m… I’m not the dumb ass girl that fell for you years ago. Let it go, Tyree. Let. Me. Go.”

“You are crazy, you know that?”
She stuck a bunch of bobby pins in her hair as she responded, “Only a little bit. You seem to like crazy though. I mean, have you seen your line-up of exes? All of ‘em. Crazy.”
I wrapped my arms around her waist, looking at her in the mirror as I replied, “And look who I’m still ridin’ with. The craziest of ‘em all.”
She didn’t stop her pinning, leaning away from me to get the hairs in the back. “I am not the craziest. I didn’t stay with you after you blatantly cheated on me like that white girl, I didn’t pin a baby on you like that other one, and I didn’t only use you for sex like that trainer chick. OH and let’s not even get started on green eyes. She’s probably the craziest.”
“Wait a minute, I never dated Natasha. That was all Jordan.” I still didn’t understand what he ever saw in her.
Actually, yes I did.
The pussy.
“Whatever, Jaden. All I know is I had to stick up for myself in front of all those bitches. So maybe I am the crazy one. Crazy for being in love with yo’ ass.”

It finally clicked for me. This was Melanie’s boyfriend, Alexis’s old neighbor, the one she brought to the wedding, the one she…
Aww, hell nah.
“Alexis!” She instantly jumped from the sound of my voice, releasing the hug she had on ol’ boy. “What’s up, babe? I’ve been lookin’ all over for you.” I was sure to wrap my arm around her waist, pulling her in close to make sure he knew what was up.
“I was… I came to… You remember Yemmy, don’t you?”

She took a step closer, hovering over the chair I sat in as she said, “I call it like I see it, Alexis. And that was a bitch move. I mean, you have Jaden. Why are you being so goddamned greedy?”
The word struck me like a punch.
It wasn’t something I had even pretended to consider, but maybe there was some truth to it. Maybe I was being greedy by having a wonderful man like Jaden while also rekindling a friendship with Bryson. Maybe I was being greedy by exploring Bryson’s interest even though I knew my heart belonged to Jaden. Maybe I…
“I’m not! I don’t… want Bryson. I don’t… like Bryson. I love… I love Jaden. I always have and I always will. No matter how he tried to explain it to you, what Bryson and I had expired long ago. If he broke up with you, I can assure you it had nothing to do with me.”

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