about senior year.

senior year?



Here we go.

Let me tell you a little bit about Attractions & Distractions : Senior Year.

Or better yet, tell you why it’s not out yet.

Writing the final piece of a series is hard.

Like super hard.

For one, you have the pressure of sending the readers off with fond memories of a couple. You have to get it right. Otherwise you’ll crash and burn and have a bunch of disappointed folks that will never read any of your books again.

(Yes, that’s really how I picture it.)

For two, writing a series requires consistency among the storylines. Its easier for me to write other books right now because they are new characters, new environments, new scenarios; all stuff that I get to create fresh. Considering I haven’t even looked at Junior Year since I published it, let alone Freshman and Sophomore Year, I really wanna go back and revisit those books to make sure the final piece goes along with what the others have already captured.

So, I’m taking my time until I can give Senior Year the full attention that it deserves.

 Before Jaden & Alexis get their chance, I have at least one more couple that I have to get out of my head.

And quite honestly, that’s just how this author stuff works.

You don’t really control what you write.

Characters call out to you; want their story told. You can’t stop thinking about scenarios for that particular character or set of characters because ideas for their story are stealing your attention. If you try to force and tell someone else’s story, you’ll just get a bunch of deleted words or words that aren’t the juicy ones you imagined; equally annoying.

Long story short; yes, Senior Year is still happening.

It’ll definitely be out…well hopefully, not definitely some time in September, October….November at the very latest.

(I’m moving to a new city during this time so cut me some slack lol).

But I really do appreciate your patience! And I hope you’ve enjoyed the other books during this wait. 😉

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