the millennial struggle. being pop-culture savvy while still being socially-conscious.


Scrolling through Facebook one day, I noticed an increasing trend of posts about how things in pop culture were designed to distract you from other things happening in the world.

For example, the claim was that Drake and Meek Mill’s beef was designed to get you to ignore what had happened in Texas with Sandra Bland.

Now my question is…is it possible to be both pop-culture savvy and socially-conscious?
I think so.

I’m pretty sure I send my friends just as many hilarious memes as I send them articles about current events.
I watch the news just as much as I watch trash reality shows.
(actually I probably watch the news more because reality shows are hilariously annoying.)
Either way, you get my point.
Just because I may open an article about Tyga re-gifting a car to Kylie Jenner doesn’t mean I won’t also open the next article about the republican debate.
(which for the record, equally stimulating…. *shrugs*)
I can’t speak for everyone, but I hate the stigma that you have to choose between the two. Unfortunately, we don’t have a bunch of socially-conscious shows designed for us (black people) that we can lean on, so we naturally revert to stuff like reality shows no matter how many brain cells we lose trying to keep up.
But who cares?!
I mean, aren’t we supposed to be well-rounded citizens anyway?
If that’s how I like to be entertained, sue me. But don’t label me just because I indulge.
I’m not ignoring anything.
I’m not distracted by anything.
In fact, I think it shows my awesome multi-tasking abilities.
So you have fun pretending to only enjoy the newspaper while I make myself busy catching up on your news and mine.

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