randomness that is… putting “you” first.

How can I teach children to dream if I’m not following my own? How can I tell children they can be whatever they want to be if I’m not living to what I believe is my full potential? How can I give my all to children who need that and more, when I’m not reallyContinue reading “randomness that is… putting “you” first.”

the millennial struggle. social media part 2.

Social media plays such a big role in my everyday life that I felt the need to make another post about it. lol This one in particular focuses on Facebook and how we, as millennials, have a very unique relationship with this social media powerhouse. So… when Facebook first started, it was aimed at collegeContinue reading “the millennial struggle. social media part 2.”

the millennial struggle. four things school never taught you.

Being an adult is tough stuff. But…it’s definitely a lot tougher when you realize school didn’t prepare you for half of what adulthood consists of. I mean, we heard about everything (at least on this list) but we weren’t really taught how to handle them. Feel me? Anyway! Here are Four Things School Never TaughtContinue reading “the millennial struggle. four things school never taught you.”

the millennial struggle. the moment you question if you have your shiz together.

Scroll through any one of your timelines and what do you see? Your friends and their newborn babies. Your friends and their engagement rings or wedding photos. Your friends in their master’s graduation pictures. Your friends traveling the world. And then there’s you…

the millennial struggle. social media.

“I’m like do it for the gram ho, do it for the gram ho.”- meek mill. I have a love/hate relationship with social media as a millennial. It’s such a great resource, great networking tool, and obviously a great way to get the word out about things I need masses of people to know about.Continue reading “the millennial struggle. social media.”

the millennial struggle. being pop-culture savvy while still being socially-conscious.

Scrolling through Facebook one day, I noticed an increasing trend of posts about how things in pop culture were designed to distract you from other things happening in the world. For example, the claim was that Drake and Meek Mill’s beef was designed to get you to ignore what had happened in Texas with SandraContinue reading “the millennial struggle. being pop-culture savvy while still being socially-conscious.”