the millennial struggle. social media part 2.


Social media plays such a big role in my everyday life that I felt the need to make another post about it. lol

This one in particular focuses on Facebook and how we, as millennials, have a very unique relationship with this social media powerhouse.

So… when Facebook first started, it was aimed at college students. Like… you literally had to have a college email address to make an account. The networking opportunities amongst that limited population was in my opinion, optimal.

NOW, with billions of people using Facebook, there is a huge range of characters you might find on your friends list; from some of your closest friends in “real life”, to co-workers, to distant relatives, to people you’ve never actually met. All of this is fine of course, but there’s also a struggle that comes along with what’s appropriate to post and what’s not.

It seems like a trend, at least amongst the millennials that I actually talk to in “real life”, that we keep our most sophisticated posts and clean-cut pictures on Facebook while you may find our Twitter or Instagram littered with the exact opposite.

Either way, Facebook enabled all sorts of features where you can limit what certain people see. But if you’re like me – lazy – then you probably haven’t taken the time to do all of that.

(I really, probably should though.)

On the flip side, you may scroll down your timeline and start questioning how it’s even possible to know such a wide range of people. I mean, if I look at my own timeline it literally blows my mind how varied the content can be post-to-post. One post may be something inspirational and the next post can easily be a fight video from a local high school. Another post will be tips on how to budget your money better and the next post is a legitimate Facebook beef (which often leads to me bouncing through pages of people I don’t even know to find out both sides lol. Sue me). One post may be about the Republican debate and the next may be about the latest drama on RHOA.

In a way, it’s kind of cool to see what’s the focus of everybody else’s life at the time, but most of the time it’s useless information that I really don’t care about but scroll through anyway looking for more. SMH.

AND THEN, there’s the whole “People You May Know” thing. Like first of all, back up Facebook, you don’t know my life. Second of all, usually even if I do know the person, there’s a reason we aren’t Facebook friends.

Because I don’t wanna be. LOL 

Growing up in the Facebook age has also left me with an archive of pictures that were good upon upload and now I heavily frown upon. I actually think the coolest feature on Facebook is being able to lock old albums cause Lawd… people don’t really need to be looking at my old prom and homecoming pictures.

(available upon request though lol jk)

As you may have noticed, this post is basically a big ol’ rant about how much Facebook is ruining my life by taking too much of my time even though I’m probably not gonna do anything about it.

I mean, how else will you guys find these blog posts? LOL

What about you? Are you a fan of Facebook or would you rather go without?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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