in the beginning. my fitness journey.

Recently – like maybe a month ago now – I began my latest quest to build my best body ever! By 25, I gotta have it together so what better time to start than immediately following my 24th birthday. Now don’t get me wrong, to the naked eye I probably look pretty in shape, but *I* know where I need some work. Maybe I’ll let ya’ll see some before and after pics another time.


As a part of my blog, I wanted to include some of the fitness shenanigans I get into. I am currently on a 12-week training program with Hybrid Lifestyle, an online training system which is FAB (and not just because I know the guy who runs it… #heyboo).

So in phase 1, the main focus is stability which is something I feel like I’ve struggled with since I had my achilles repaired May 2013. I’ve learned very quickly that a lot of the exercise moves that I would’ve jumped into wouldn’t have been done as effectively without completing this phase first.

Here’s a few clips of me “getting that work”. 😉

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