fitness friday. 10/23.

I’ve been liftin’, I’ve been liftin’. – *Beyonce voice*


But seriously, the grind hasn’t stopped… like not even a little bit.

Body goals are in order and since they aren’t gonna reach themselves, I’ve been going at it pretty tough.

The boo even made this super dope video of me getting some work in, so check it out!

I especially love attending the group workout sessions so I don’t have to sweat like a dog by myself! lol

If any of you are in Houston, you should DEFINITELY come check it out!

in the beginning. my fitness journey.

Recently – like maybe a month ago now – I began my latest quest to build my best body ever! By 25, I gotta have it together so what better time to start than immediately following my 24th birthday. Now don’t get me wrong, to the naked eye I probably look pretty in shape, but *I* know where I need some work. Maybe I’ll let ya’ll see some before and after pics another time.


As a part of my blog, I wanted to include some of the fitness shenanigans I get into. I am currently on a 12-week training program with Hybrid Lifestyle, an online training system which is FAB (and not just because I know the guy who runs it… #heyboo).

So in phase 1, the main focus is stability which is something I feel like I’ve struggled with since I had my achilles repaired May 2013. I’ve learned very quickly that a lot of the exercise moves that I would’ve jumped into wouldn’t have been done as effectively without completing this phase first.

Here’s a few clips of me “getting that work”. 😉