fitness friday. progress update.

FullSizeRender-1Soo… I’ve been working incredibly hard towards my fitness goals.

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, I’m sure you saw my first set of progress pictures but if not, here they are.

progress pics

Now this progress was made in a short 3 weeks of goal-tracking, structured work in the gym 4 times a week (notice I said structured, not strenuous though I do tend to go pretty hard lol), 80/20 eating, and lots and lots of water.


I still got to eat pizza and brownies and whatever else I could think up as long as they represented the 20 and not the 80 lol.

Here’s an update from the 3 month perspective.


Hybrid Lifestyle online training is such an easy program to use and it’s soooo much cheaper than hiring a personal trainer who does no more than pull a workout for you out of a file and stands there to make sure you complete it. With Hybrid Lifestyle, you practically have a personal trainer in your pocket.

If you’re looking to meet some new fitness goals, I suggest you check it out here!

Now watch me work. 😉

Shoutout to my girl Sade for joining me at Hermann Park!

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