sample sunday. distracted.

12311474_10100481853604842_1108688140_oWe’re almost there!

Distracted will be out on.. *insert drumroll lol*… December 19th!

This project is one of my longer works, so hopefully the editing Gods are good to me!

But until then, here’s a sample. 🙂

(Note: Sample unedited and subject to change)


“So… how soon will we be interviewing for a new stylist?” I plopped down on a chair in front of Leslie’s desk, putting my feet on her desk even though I knew she hated it.

“What are you talking about?”

“Come on, Bryson. I know you better than you know yourself. I saw the way you were looking at Kennedy. I’m sure you’ve already tried to pull the ol’ dinner and chill move.”

Damn, she really does know me.

Instead of confirming her knowledge, I tossed out the only relevant information. “She’s engaged.”

“Yeah right.” I stared at her for a few moments longer before she caught my drift. “Wait. You’re serious, aren’t you?”

I nodded my head, “I’m serious.”

“Well I didn’t see a ring on her finger.”

“Me neither. But it’s true. I saw it on her Facebook page. Future Mrs. Montgomery.” Her dude looked as square as they came, but I really shouldn’t have been surprised. Of course somebody as bomb as Kennedy would be engaged to a damn school teacher.

“Did she have an engagement picture as her profile picture?”


“A picture with her ring and the caption, “I said yes”?”


“Pictures from the proposal?”


She put her elbows on the desk, letting her hands rest on her palms as she said, “Damn, so she’s not excited about it. Any girl that’s excited about their impending nuptials has at least one of the three.”

“So what’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means…” The pregnant pause had me completely tuned in. “It doesn’t mean anything, Bryson. I’m just fuckin’ with your hopes,” she busted out laughing, instantly pissing me off.  

“Yo, that’s not funny.”

“You should’ve saw your face though! You were all into it like I was gonna tell you to go after the girl even though she’s engaged. What kind of person would I be to encourage that bullshit?” I understood exactly where she was coming from even though I wasn’t ready to admit it.

“I don’t know, Leslie. It’s weird though. Like I know she’s taken but I can’t… I can’t stop thinking about her. And not even about sex. Like I really wanna get to know her.” Though she seemed pretty simple on the surface, her little hints of a spicy personality had me intrigued like no other.

“This sounds a little too much like that Alexis girl. I mean, she was in a relationship too, but you acted like it didn’t exist, even when you were in a relationship of your own.”

Damn, she’s always right.

“I know, I know. I’m trippin’.”

“Yes, you are. And Kennedy seems like a good girl, Bryson. Don’t ruin her.”

Ruin her? If anything she’s gonna ruin me.”

She sighed. “Bryson, just keep it professional. Please.” I looked away, knowing it was way too late for that. Leslie immediately picked up on my reaction and asked, “What did you do?”

“I sent her a nude.”

Bryson is a ladies man by nature.

And why wouldn’t he be?

He’s young.

He’s single.

He’s sexy.

And he’s fresh off of a record-breaking second year of professional basketball with his whole career ahead of him.

So when he meets Kennedy while interviewing for a new stylist, of course he wastes no time going after her.

Until he finds out she’s engaged.

And even though he knows how wrong it is to be so damn attracted to a taken woman – has already learned his lesson when it comes to taken women – he can’t help but be drawn in by her captivating persona of innocence mixed with a hint mystery.

But when Kennedy finds herself in the same predicament, caught completely off guard by Bryson’s charm and sex appeal, the line between attraction and distraction suddenly becomes a blur.

Who’s really the distracted one?

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