road trip. fort worth edition.

Fort Worth Selfie

(Because no good road trip starts without a selfie first lol)

I live for spontaneity. Though I am a planned down to the inch type of girl, I love the times of my life where I can just get up and go. So when my dad called and said he’d be heading to Fort Worth, TX for a conference, I jumped on the opportunity instantly, even though it was a legit 4 hours away.

(So maybe I missed him a little bit lol)

dad selfie.

What I wasn’t expecting though, was to find the gem that is the JFK memorial. Now I’m sure you know the story of JFK’s assassination so I won’t insult your intelligence. BUT what I didn’t know was that he addressed a crowd at Hotel Texas (now the Hilton where we stayed at on our impromptu trip) the night before that fateful day. So naturally, Fort Worth honored him with this beautiful memorial (pictured below).

image4                         image5 image6        image3-1

If you’re ever visiting Fort Worth, or passing through, or whatever you may be doing around that area, I would definitely recommend at least driving by and taking a peek.

And while you’re in the area, stop at Frankie’s for a frozen margarita. They’ll get you right. 😉

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