randomness that is… putting “you” first.


How can I teach children to dream if I’m not following my own?

How can I tell children they can be whatever they want to be if I’m not living to what I believe is my full potential?

How can I give my all to children who need that and more, when I’m not really sure of my own purpose?

Those are all questions that came to mind when I decided not to return to the field of teaching early childhood education.

Actually, it was a little more than that.

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randomness that is… the “have to” method.


So talking to bae one day (shoutout to bae by the way), I found myself using “have to” to a lot. You “have to” do this. This isn’t a want to, this is a “have to”. And no I wasn’t only scolding him about having to put his clothes away, or something like that. We were actually discussing how the “have to” method is more of a mindset needed for personal development.

We all have things we don’t want to do, things we know won’t stop the world if they aren’t accomplished, but what would happen if you turned those want to’s – and don’t wan’t to’s – into “have to’s”?

Let me explain.

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