the millennial struggle. four things school never taught you.


Being an adult is tough stuff.

But…it’s definitely a lot tougher when you realize school didn’t prepare you for half of what adulthood consists of. I mean, we heard about everything (at least on this list) but we weren’t really taught how to handle them.

Feel me?


Here are Four Things School Never Taught You That Decided To Show Up In Adulthood.

1. Insurances.

Yes all of them.

Health. Dental. Life. Car. Home. Renter’s.

Whatever you can think of, they have insurance for it. And I mean that literally.

Some people are risky and decide to go without because they don’t believe anything will happen to them. Crazy choice, but rock on, rockstar. But for people like me, who care about my life and well-being, it’s confusing as finuck (lil’ scrappy voice).

Which brand do you sign up for? Does your doctor take the insurance your job offers? How much do you need to be insured for? What kinda deductible do you have?

 It’s tew much.

Especially when you hardly learned anything about it in school.

2. Taxes.

Are you single or nah? You got kids or nah? Ones or zeros? I don’t know about you, but when I had to fill out my first W-2 on my own I was like….

And that’s just the beginning.

Eventually all those ones and zeros mean something and you go to file taxes. Now some of you may go to an actual person or company to file your taxes. But for people like me…the brave souls..who file on their own, it gets a little hectic. I mean, I found myself questioning all types of stuff I could hardly remember about the last year.

Why isn’t this being taught in school???!

3. Cover Letters and Resumes.

Okay, now this one you kind of learn in school.

A little bit.

I mean, I guess all those meaningless papers you write about Shakespeare might actually help you form your resume but in general, its another one of those skipped treasures. Of course, in college they usually have career centers that help you write resume and cover letter, do mock interviews, etc.

But ain’t nobody got time for that.

So when it’s time to apply for a job, you might find yourself staring at your cover letter of repeat words like “passionate”, wondering how the heck am I gonna make some money?

If only they would teach us this in high school so we could all be flawless applicants.

4. Credit Cards.

I’m almost 90% sure they expect you to start building credit when you’re a baby (and no I’m not talking about when your mom puts a credit card or bill in your name) because building good credit as an adult is stressful.

For one, if you don’t have a credit card then nobody trusts you enough to lend you one so…how are you supposed to get started?! For two, if you do have a credit card but your score is crappy, guess what?

They’ll probably send you three more in the mail to make it even more crappy which means you won’t be able to do other stuff like get a car at a good rate. Because that makes all the sense in the world, right?


It doesn’t.

Credit cards can either be really awesome or really stupid, but you may be like me who can’t find out which one because nobody trusts me enough to give me one. (Actually, Nebraska Furniture Mart did, but that’s neither here nor there). And then when you actually go to apply for one, they give you all these percentages and information that you probably don’t understand (like…you probably know the lower APR is the way to go but that’s it) because you didn’t learn it in high school.

Get it together education department.

Google should not be my guide to adulthood.

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