sample sunday. attractions & distractions : sophomore year

I wish I could put this out like…yesterday! But, I don’t want you all to judge me for my grammar errors so editing has to happen first ;/. Until then, enjoy this sample!


I needed her. It had been far too long since the last time we made love. The way our bodies meshed together creating peak after peak of ecstasy was something my body continued to crave and I didn’t plan on going the rest of my life without feeling that again.

I didn’t think twice before I slipped out of bed, letting my feet gently dig into the plush carpet softening the sound of my landing. Opening the door was easy, but closing it would’ve caused too much noise so I left it cracked. I made my way down the stairs as best as my alcohol-induced state allowed me to. I rounded the corner, in hot pursuit of the door leading to the basement. But was stopped dead in my tracks by a familiar voice.

“Little brother, what the hell are you….aww damn.” I didn’t have to say anything for Jordan to catch on to what was happening. He took a deep sigh before he continued his interrogation, “Come on now man. Your girl is literally upstairs sleeping and you’re creeping down to the basement? What has gotten into you?” No answer that came to mind sounded the least bit logical. I was clearly trippin’.

Damn vodka shots.

“I don’t get ya’ll man. Ya’ll be checkin’ for each other all day, but entertaining other people. You have a girlfriend literally in the same house, but you’re sneaking around in hopes of getting some from her. That shit makes no sense.” She and I had never made any sense. When we did make sense, we were in love, but that was short-lived. It was clear she no longer felt that way.

If she ever felt that way…

“Little brother, are you listening to me? You are fuckin’ up…badly. Get it together.” Jordan was right. I was definitely fuckin’ up. On so many levels. The task of resisting her magnetic pull over me had grew to new heights. And she hadn’t even done anything for me to be that damn attracted to her. In fact, she did everything for me to be the least bit attracted to her. So why wasn’t I taking the bait? Cause I was a fool in love. Even still. But things would have to change for the sake of my sanity.

“You’re right bro. I don’t know what got into me besides all that vodka I had.”

“Well you better stop lettin’ vodka write checks ya ass can’t cash.”

If you haven’t checked out Attractions & Distractions: Freshman Year yet, here’s the link!

Your favorite college kids are back.

Sophomore year is still a growing year, especially when it comes to Alexis and relationships. When unexpected circumstances put her under the same roof as Jaden for the school year, she’ll be forced to deal with new attractions and distractions coming her way.

But do you really ever forget your first?

(For the full story, I highly encourage you to check out Attractions & Distractions: Freshman Year first! )

(this post was originally published at on 2/22/15)

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