sample sunday. getting the edge.

Soooo….being that we are halfway through the Attractions & Distractions series, I decided to take a break from it. (I know I know, get the pitchforks out lol). It’ll definitely come, sooner than later, but I’ve been working on something a little different that I hope you all will enjoy just as much as A&D. To convince you that everything is all good, here’s a sample from my latest WIP (author jargon lol), Getting The Edge. Coming April 2015.


College graduation is only the beginning for Ariel as she lands her dream job working for a record label in The Big Apple. Not only is it the beginning of her professional career, but also the beginning of an unexpected romance with Jamison, a self-assured recent grad who is also getting his foot in the door of the music industry at a competing record label. The collision of business and pleasure is inevitable but when Ariel receives a personal assignment to help take down her label’s top competition, she’s forced to make a decision; her career or her newfound love? Just how far will she have to go to get the edge?


I poured myself a glass of water before I walked the couple of steps to the couch in my new studio apartment. Moving to NYC before I actually had a job was risky, but I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t believe in myself which I surely did. Some called me cocky, but it was usually the same people who had no idea how hard I worked to get to where I was. My parents were there, for the most part, but I still had to grind my way out of the hood just like many of the bosses holding positions that I saw myself getting in the future.

As I flipped through my basic cable channels, I couldn’t help but smiling when I landed on the movie, The Little Mermaid. It reminded me of her, the girl who stole a little piece of me with her charm, bold attitude, and sexy ass body. Oh, and crazy skills in the bedroom. You would think we had actually been together for some time the way I seemed to miss her touch. What was even crazier was the fact that I didn’t even get her number.

I picked up my phone and found Drew’s name in my contacts. Maybe he could help me out. I watched the animated sea animals sing until he answered.

“Yo, what’s up fam?”

“Drew. Question. Did you umm…get that one girl’s number from the club when I was out there?”

“Who Jasmine? Hell nah man. She didn’t even let me hit. Once you left with ol’ girl, she took a cab of her own.” I wasn’t surprised that Drew didn’t pull her but his lack of game wasn’t helping my cause at all.

“Damn. Do ya’ll have like a school directory or something?” I couldn’t believe the desperate measures I was taking to get to her.

“Who knows shit like that? I barely made it out of there and you think I know if we have a damn directory? What you need that shit for anyway?” I had to think of an answer that wouldn’t make me sound so thirsty.

“I’m looking for a phone number.”

There was a long pause before I could tell he caught on, “Ohhh, this is about that bad bitch Ariel huh? I can’t believe I was here for years and never saw her before.”

“Aye, don’t call her a bitch man. But I’m sure you never saw her because her ass was in class unlike yourself.”

He laughed into the phone before he said, “Trueeee. But nah bruh, I mean I can ask around for you.” I was tempted to have him put out the search parties but then I realized maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe she was supposed to be a memory. A pleasant, blissful, memory that I would have a hard time letting go of.

(this post was originally published at on 3/29/15)

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