ten random thoughts. the attractions & distractions series.

As I was working on editing Sophomore Year, a bunch of random ish came to my head about the series. Lucky for me, I have a blog space to get those random thoughts out and into the universe. 😉

1. Alexis’s taste in music is definitely, without a doubt, all me. Like can’t even front. The Twerk Tape does exist! (On Songza…best workout playlist evaaa.)

2. Speaking of her, I almost changed her name 3/4 of the way through Freshman Year because it was too close to my name, Alexandra.

3. Speaking of things being too close to me,#Bae still asks me to this day if he’ll read it and feel like dude in The Best Man (yes when the bathroom changed colors because he realized what Harper did lol). The answer is no. This is not my story. Yes, my experiences as a college student helped shape the book (parties in the union, drinking, etc.) but this is NOT my story.

4. I do not promote underage drinking. I was not an underage drinker. But it is what happens in college. So..yeah…lol

5. It was sooooo hard to write about a girl with parental issues because I feel like I have the best parents in the whole entire world. Like not even joking, they’re sooo tight. Shoutout to Tom and Aileen.

6. The character Grandmama definitely resembles my Grandma aka Big Mama. Seriously, my grandma stays roastin’ people. Lol

7. I’ve only been to LA once. Been to Cali 3 times. Google Maps is a Godsend. Lol

8. I really wish Sophomore Year had a complete playlist. My bad ya’ll.

9. The cover art for both books is me. Indie Author Budget (aka no budget) at its finest lol. (Sidenote: If you look really close at Sophomore Year’s cover, you can see my uneven calf muscles from when I tore my Achilles a year and a half ago)

10. Overall, my college experience was legit epic. Proud University of Nebraska Alum! (My degree is in Education and Human Sciences if you were curious lol)

Now that you have all  of this useless information, check out Attractions & Distractions: Freshman Year and Attractions & Distractions : Sophomore Year on Amazon now!


(this post was originally published at thebookwormlodge.com on 2/27/15)

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