goodbye 23.


Rumor has it that 23 is like the worst age-year ever.

(I don’t know if “age-year” is actually a thing but whatever lol)

You’re no longer 21…or 22…but still not quite 25; most likely out of college and adapting to the “Real World”.

You are probably in your first job that is nothing like what you imagined it to be.

And life is just suppose to be borderline sucky for a whole year; right?


I mean, I wasn’t going out like that.

So I set off to make 23 one of my best years ever.

I didn’t know how I was gonna do it, what decisions I was gonna make that made me any different, but I just knew I wasn’t gonna make myself suffer through it.

Because….for what?

SO…about 3 weeks after my 23rd birthday, I launched The Bookworm Lodge. It was an overnight idea (literally). I had no idea how to make a website, no idea how to run a website, and no idea how I was going to get the content to make the website worthwhile. BUT…think that was gonna stop me?


Yeah right.

In a short couple of weeks, I had the site up and running, tons of author submissions from new authors all over the world, and had amassed over 30,000 visitors.

Crazy right?

I thought so too.

And then there was writing.

I never ever planned to write a book. I enjoyed writing just to entertain myself…and maybe my friends but that certainly didn’t mean I ever planned to publish my work for the masses.

But then…a push in the form of one of my favorite authors happened and in a short couple months, my first book was self-published on Amazon.

Now….going into it, did I have any idea how to write, format, etc. a book?


Did I know about self-publishing at all?


But did that stop me?
Common denominator once again.

See, I knew from the jump that I wasn’t taking that 23 year old L…. not that everything about the year was gonna be perfect but everything about the year was gonna be worth it.

Including my summer vacations (check out that post here), where I ended up discovering the city of my dreams in Houston, TX.

I’ll be ending my 23rd year in a new city, with new opportunity and new experiences; something I definitely longed for but still wasn’t sure I was gonna accomplish this soon.

Until I tried.

And things started falling into place the second I decided to think them into existence.

To sum this random post up:

Your dreams will never work unless you do.

Your goals…even the ones you don’t realize you have…will never be accomplished if you don’t give yourself the opportunity to try.

So now, I’m gonna try to get this energy and momentum to roll into 24.

Or roll like a 24…whichever. #sophistaratchetgirlprobs

peace out 23.

hello 24.

(well almost…September 7th…let the mass Facebook HBDs commence!)

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