song of the week. 12/28


So when I first heard this song years ago, I honestly looked forward to being able to make the general concept come true.

Moving away from “home”. Bigger city, chasing dreams.

At that particular time, I was in the college which was less than an hour from my hometown, so it only felt partially real for me. But now that I live over 1,000 miles away from home, it’s… different.

I’m happy to be home, happy to spend time with my family and friends. But in a short 4 months,  the city already feels… different. lol

And the chorus completely reflects how I feel!

“Say I’ll be home for the holidays
So when you see me, better holla at me
I gotta get up out this city ‘fore it try to trap me
I gotta leave, I wish I could stay
But I’ll be home for the holidays
And to those that I used to know
From way before, keep your head up
Come lets get this bread up
Girl, I gotta go, I wish I could stay
But I’m coming home for the holidays..”

Kill the last week of the year. End 2015 on the same note you wanna start 2016 on. It’s go time! 😉

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