song of the week. 10/8.


Happy Monday, loves!

As I continue to work on Book Three of the Building 402 series – which is my first time writing a *true* friends-to-lovers – there’s been a particular song on repeat. And while I hope to be able to share a teaser soon, I’ll leave you with this song for now. 🙂

Have an amazing week!

replacement: a building 402 novella. the EP.


Replacement: A Building 402 Novella will be here this Friday!

Lawson and Angelica challenged me to the point that it was hard for me to type “The End” because I wasn’t ready to let them go yet lol.

I really love their journey, and I hope you all will too!

For now, enjoy this “EP” that is, again, intentionally shorter to fit the novella vibes lol.

And be looking out for Replacement, coming soon!


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song of the week. 8/20.


Happy Monday!

As I continue working on some things (plural) for September, I couldn’t help but share another song that’s been on repeat while I write book #topsecretinfo. 😉

Enjoy the music!

But most importantly, enjoy the week. ❤

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song of the week. 8/13.


Happy Monday!

So if you follow me on Instagram (@actuallyitsalexandra), more specifically, if you follow my Instagram story then you know I’ve been in the lab working on a project for September!

While I can’t say much about it yet, just know September is my birthday month and I have some big things planned for y’all. 🙂

But for now, enjoy a song that inspired what will be book #21.

And most importantly, have a wonderful week!

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