adjacent: a building 402 novella. the EP.


Adjacent: A Building 402 Novella will be here this Friday!

As always, I’m super excited for you guys to read all about Eve and A.J. But this time around, I’m superrrrr excited because it’s my first time doing a birthday release! 🙂

For now, enjoy this “EP” that is intentionally shorter to fit the novella vibes lol.

And be looking out for Adjacent, coming soon!

He’s the last guy she should be checking for.adjacent teaser



A Certified F*ckboy.

She’s the only girl he can’t seem to get off of his mind.




The proximity of them being neighbors certainly doesn’t help either of their causes. And when one side is ready to pursue their curiosity about the person next door, it quickly becomes clear that anything goes in Building 402…

Note: While this book tells a complete story, it is a novella meaning it is shorter in length by design. If you prefer your stories longer, I’d highly recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project. 🙂

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