randomness that is… why southwest airlines will always have my allegiance.


Everyone please stand and remove your hats.

I pledge allegiance… to Southwest. 

For my flights all around America (and Mexico too).

And to the republic, for which it stands.

One nation.

Under God.


With liberty.

And free TV, snacks, and leg space for all. 

I love flying Southwest Airlines.

And to be honest, when I search for flights that’s usually the only place I go to look.

Anytime I’ve searched other places, the ticket prices seem pretty ridiculous compared to Southwest and even if the tickets are a few bucks cheaper, it’s an airline that charges for bags.


But let me give you eight reasons why I love flying Southwest.

1. Wanna Getaway Tickets. 

I always wanna getaway.

Like… I’m down for traveling in a heartbeat. So the fact that Southwest offers these typically super cheap tickets for me to travel on is Golden!

Even more awesome, if for whatever reason you can’t go on the flight, though it says it’s non-refundable, you still get the flight credit if you cancel within a reasonable time. For example, when I had to cancel a trip back in May because Houston was flooded, I was still able to apply that flight credit to a new flight in July.

Win-win situation.

2. Bags Fly Free


(Shoutout to my mom for the birdie luggage tag lol)

This is one of the main reasons Southwest will always be my go-to.

When you’re young like me and willing to spend money on anything else but luggage, bags flying free is like music to your ears. This especially came in handy when I flew to Mexico so that I could bring little treasures back with me.

(Yes, treasures. That’s not code for anything I promise.)

Just make sure you weigh it before you leave the house.

I’ve seen plenty of people in line repacking just to meet their 50 lb limit.

But you get two bags free so do what you gotta do, right?

3. Letter Group Boarding 

I’m actually writing this after checking in for a 5:35am flight online because of #3.

Letter Group Boarding is this brilliant idea that Southwest came up with that basically takes the whole “finding your seat” thing out of play. There’s no lobbying for the window seat or row because guess what? If you keep going towards the back of the plane you can probably find one.

Since there is no assigned seating, every open seat is your seat.

Take your pick!

But make sure you check-in for the flight online exactly 24 hours before your scheduled flight time so you can have a better selection of seats to choose from.

4. Free TV 

Do you have an iPad? Phone? Computer?

In this day and age, these are hardly real questions. But the reason I ask is because Southwest offers Free TV through their online portal (but let me be clear, you may catch an older plane that doesn’t have that access. Happened to me before and I was devastated, but the article still stands).

Though they may not have every channel you love, I can guarantee you’ll find something to watch that will at least put you to sleep. And if you feel like spending money, they do have movies for like $5 and wi-fi for like $8. But I like free stuff so I’m watching Bravo all flight long.

5. Decent Leg Space


(Not pictured: Legs. lol)

After watching a video about Spirit Airlines, I realize how good I have it at Southwest. Now, I’m not tall by any means but I do have long legs and I’m always comfortable on Southwest flights. I usually have my bag under the seat in front of me and still have plenty of room to not quite “stretch-out”, but not feel cramped either.

6. Snacks


If you haven’t been on a plane in awhile, you wouldn’t know this. But every airline doesn’t give out snacks anymore. In fact, most of them expect you to pay for the things you once got for free.

Ummm… nah, bruh.

On Southwest, you get your little drink (and maybe even a refill if your flight attendant is cool), and something like a pack of pretzels, or peanuts, or if you’re lucky you may get a pack of snack mix or cookies.

Yes, cookies.

Though I’m surprised they still give out peanuts with all the allergies, I’m always grateful when the flight attendant comes my way with the little basket of goodies.


Speaking of which, Southwest doesn’t have those annoyingly huge carts that you can’t squeeze past when you have to go to the bathroom.

Win again!

7. Drink Coupons


This is probably the mother of them all.

Because I’m a Rapid Rewards member (which I’ll explain in #8), Southwest decided I deserved a bunch of free drink coupons; four to be exact.

Wine, Liquor, Beer = Free. Four Times Over.

How can you not love them for that?!

And finally…

8. Rapid Rewards

Remember that flight I told you I just checked in for this morning, I paid a grand total of $5.60 for it.

Southwest’s frequent flier program is by far the best of all airlines in my opinion.

For one, you don’t have to reach some extravagant number of miles to earn a free flight.

I think mine was like 5,169 miles for a 1 way.

For two, the miles never expire.

So you’re not stuck subscribing to magazines you don’t need to keep them renewed.

For three, there are no blackout dates in terms of when you can use your points.

For four, do I really need to go on?

So clearly I’m enamored with Southwest Airlines, but obviously it’s not for everyone.

I mean, if you just have to fly first class everywhere you go, it’s not for you.

If you’re trying to get somewhere other than North America (and I believe a little bit of South America now), it’s not gonna happen on Southwest… yet.

But if you’re like me, someone who enjoys taking a quick weekend trip to wherever... I advise you to look into Southwest.

I can almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Now somebody go tell Southwest to hit me with some bonus points on my Rapid Rewards account for the endorsement lol

(Note: This allegiance is completely contingent on Southwest Airlines never losing my bags. Once that happens, we’re done. lol jk but not really…)


Straight fares. No chasers. Southwest gets it lol.

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