sample sunday. a rehearsal for love.



It’s going down! LOL

(Can ya’ll tell how excited I am for ya’ll to read this book?! Okay, good!)


Here’s one more little teaser to get you ready. 😉


I was pretty sure I didn’t take a full, complete breath until I made it inside of the first set of apartment doors.

I couldn’t… think, let alone breathe until I knew I was completely out of his reach, completely safe, completely… back in control. I leaned against the wall, grazing my fingertips against my lips as I finally took the chance to really process what had happened.

We were just… dancing, having some fun, sharing some friendly fire.

But then…

But then the friendly fire turned into not just a little flame from a lighter, but a wildfire. Natural, unstoppable, something you have better been prepared for otherwise you’re doomed. And let me tell you, I was far from prepared.

I mean, sure I felt something for Blaise. Our chemistry was undeniable, particularly on the dance floor. But in the back of my head, I always considered him out of my league; unavailable. And apparently the likes of Charlotte must’ve slipped his mind because he certainly didn’t kiss me like a taken man. More like a man on a mission to get right into my panties.

If the music hadn’t stopped…

I shuddered down the wall just thinking about it.

This was a mess and I couldn’t blame anyone but myself. I shouldn’t have been so daring, trying things and manipulating my body in ways I knew he would like. Sure, it was a competition, but internally I knew my motivation went far beyond that.

I wanted him to be attracted to me.

I wanted to feel sexy.

I wanted to be… irresistible.

But that didn’t mean I thought it was actually gonna happen.

This was Blaise-fuckin’-Anthony; a guy that could easily have any girl he wanted. But I made him want me, so much so that he pushed any and everything else to the side- morals included –  just so we could share that moment together.


All Malia ever wanted in life was to become a full-time, professional dancer.

Unfortunately, barriers in the form of half-assed attempts at getting a college education, a less than supportive mother, and the lack of dance classes in her area stand in the way of achieving her ultimate goal.

But that all changes once choreographer Blaise Anthony comes to town, bringing both his experience in the dance industry and a brand new dance studio.

Malia is instantly captivated by the idea of not only being able to give her full attention to dance, but also to be trained by one of her idols in the process. But when the two finally collide on the dance floor, an undeniable chemistry that goes beyond an eight count arises.

And while Malia might’ve thought she was coming to dance towards her dreams, she quickly learns that she’s actually rehearsing for a whole lot more…

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