playlist. a rehearsal for love.


Now that an official release date is set for, A Rehearsal for Love (April 25th), I thought I’d share with you all some of the tracks that are featured in the book! The playlist/soundtrack/mixtape of this book is very… telling. So go ahead and get in your feels before release day. 😉

Education is the most powerful weaponwhich you can use to change the world.

Check it out on Spotify!

And be looking out on Amazon for, A Rehearsal for Love on Monday! 🙂


All Malia ever wanted in life was to become a full-time, professional dancer.

Unfortunately, barriers in the form of half-assed attempts at getting a college education, a less than supportive mother, and the lack of dance classes in her area stand in the way of achieving her ultimate goal.

But that all changes once Blaise Anthony comes to town, bringing both his experience in the dance industry and a brand new dance studio.

Malia is instantly captivated by the idea of not only being able to give her full attention to dance, but also to be trained by one of her idols in the process. But when the two finally collide on the dance floor, an undeniable chemistry that goes beyond an eight count arises.

And while Malia might’ve thought she was coming to dance towards her dreams, she quickly learns that she’s actually rehearsing for a whole lot more…

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