sample sunday. love at first spite.

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The last Sample Sunday until, Love at First Spite is live! If you missed the release date teaser yesterday on Facebook, here it is again :). But more importantly, here’s one final taste of what’s to come on July 22nd – in honor of the return of Power Season 3 tonight lol

(Note: Sample copyrighted, unedited, and subject to change.)


I couldn’t stop watching her mouth.

Every time it opened to speak, to inhale a bite of food, to laugh at her own jokes, my eyes were locked in on her lips that were just slightly glossed and perfectly pouty without any enhancement. In fact, everything about Nori looked completely natural. Her hair which she wore pulled up into a curly puff and accented with some tribal-print headband. Her skin, smooth and highlighted without wearing anything heavy or dramatic.

And that body… gotdamn that body.

Now that was almost too good to be true.

But there was a softness to her curves, with a perfect breasts to waist to ass to thighs ratio that could only be explained by good genes.

God bless her mama.

And her grandmama too.

Just as I began to distract myself with thoughts of the naked body hiding underneath her dress, Nori completely barged into my brain with another one of her off the wall questions.

“Are you a drug dealer?”

I damn near choked on my last bite of food. “What?”

She stood up, abandoning her plate as she walked towards the window that gave a magnificent view of the night’s skyline. I had picked this particular unit for that exact reason. And paid a pretty penny for it too.

Still, I listened in as Nori reasoned, “This place. It’s way too nice for someone on a lounge-owner’s income. So you must be using the lounge to launder money. You know, exchange the patron dollars with the dope dollars.”

I laughed, sitting our emptied-plates in the sink as I replied, “Somebody’s been watching a little too much Power.” I knew the show well, even had the seasons on DVD. But I was nothing like the main character, better known as Ghost.

“I’m just doing the calculations in my head, and it’s not adding up. I mean, this has to be a half a million dollar condo. Maybe more,” she stated, practically hitting how much I had paid right on the nose.

How the hell does she even know that?

I mean, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Nori had already proven herself to be a bundle of random facts, and ideas, and… everything. But it was so damn amusing that I couldn’t stop listening. And I couldn’t stop watching her mouth.

Before I could confirm or deny her speculations, she continued on, “So what is it, Maxwell? You can be honest with me. I mean, it’s not like we even know each other. Or we’ll ever see each other again after tonight.”

Something about that last part struck me for more reasons than one. Not only did I want to get to know her beyond tonight, but I was also bothered by the fact that…, “Damn. So you’re really not gonna come back to the lounge?”

She shrugged, wearing a smirk as she answered, “It’d take a free bottle of your best liquor and a bowl of those ecstasy nuts… heavy on the ecstasy.”

“I can arrange that,” I teased, as I made myself comfortable next to her in front of the window, the night lights giving her skin an extra glow.

It was just enough for me to notice the shadow of a dimple when she smiled and replied, “Only a drug dealer could arrange that.”

I took a step closer to her, going shoulder-to-shoulder so that I could lean right into her ear and tell her, “I know a couple. But I prefer to stay on the right side of the law.”

If she turned my way, we’d practically be kissing. But she didn’t, keeping her eyes trained forward as she continued her questioning. “Ah, so you have them do your dirty work?”

This girl is insane.

“No, beautiful. That’s not my wave. All legit over here, and I plan to keep it that way.”

She finally turned my way, but took a step back to create some space between us. Still, the distance gave me an incredible view of the lips I was growing more and more attracted to; wondering what they felt like, tasted like, how they would feel wrapped around my….

So if you’re really not a drug dealer, do you mind if I indulge? I mean, what if it’s not from your supply, and you have to make an emergency call to your corner boys to see who’s invading your territory?”

Definitely been watching too much Power.

“I don’t mind. As long as you share,” I replied, curious to see exactly what type of indulgence she planned on pulling out of the bag of tricks she called a purse.

Seriously, the shit looked like it could hide a small child. Or at least one of those little fluffy dogs. And considering the owner, I could only imagine what kind of shit she was really carrying.

I watched as she strolled away towards her purse that was sitting on the couch, taking a moment to let my eyes roam her impeccable body as she asked, “Why do I have to share? So you can check and see if it’s grade measures up to yours?”

“Nori, chill. I’m not a drug dealer. Just like I’m not gay.” I still wasn’t sure why she had been so skeptical about either. I mean, a dude couldn’t keep his shit tight with a manicure from time to time?

“You still haven’t proven that one,” she said with a wink as she bent over the couch and continued digging through her purse.

I had stayed back up until that slick comment in combination with her ass all propped up forced me to approach her; this time from behind as I waited for her to stand up so that I could speak directly into her ear. “I can. And I will. Proudly. Just say the word, beautiful.”

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