sunday sale. love at first spite.

For one day only, the first book of The Spite Series, Love at First Spite, is on sale! If you haven’t met the Watson brothers, now’s the perfect time to do it ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay Safe! PURCHASE LINK Want to be the first to know about Release Dates, Book Sales, and other updates? Sign-up for my newsletterContinue reading “sunday sale. love at first spite.”

song of the week. 7/25.

Happy Monday!! This past weekend was amazing for so many reasons; one being the release of my latest novel, Love at First Spite. I am so incredibly grateful for all of the readers who continue to support me, the generous souls who took the time out to leave reviews/ratings, and everything else in between! ForContinue reading “song of the week. 7/25.”

sample sunday. love at first spite.

The last Sample Sunday until, Love at First Spite is live! If you missed the release date teaser yesterday on Facebook, here it is again :). But more importantly, here’s one final taste of what’s to come on July 22nd – in honor of the return of Power Season 3 tonight lol.ย  (Note: Sample copyrighted,Continue reading “sample sunday. love at first spite.”

sample sunday. love at first spite.

Hooray for Sample Sunday!! I’m sooo excited to finally be able to share a little snippet from my next release, Love at First Spite, coming in July! Nori and Maxwell have been sooooo much fun to write, so I hope you guys will enjoy them as much as I have. Now let’s meet Nori. ๐Ÿ™‚Continue reading “sample sunday. love at first spite.”