song of the week. 8/1.


Happy Monday! But more importantly, Happy August!

A new month means a new project that I’m INCREDIBLY excited about, especially considering I mentioned it being released before the end of the year. (*hint hint*)

But for now, here’s a song to get you into gear for what’s to come!

2 thoughts on “song of the week. 8/1.

  1. I just finished reading Love At First Spite. It was the funnest ever! It was quirky, funny fun, entertaining and an amazing read. I loved Maxwell’s I’m hooked like phonics on Noni… I loved Noni’s persona, her quirky personality felt so much like me when I was in my early 20s.. The parents, Kelvin, and Laura were such fun characters. I laughed so much my face hurts.. I can’t wait to see what you give us next.. Reviews posted😀 CJackson Virginia Beach..


    1. Hey Carolyn!! I’m soooo glad to hear you enjoyed Love at First Spite! And thank you so much for that awesome review!! I always look forward to getting your lively feedback. 🙂


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